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3D fileSpace 1.0 is an integrated and functional program which combines Finder and Dock features to give you easy point-and-click access to all your files and applications:Fast, spectacular 3D file manager.Rise above folders, quickly see where everything is.3D drawers free your desktop, growing as needed so you never need to move anything to make room for new items.3D fileSpace gives you the.

Envision an active community of millions of cars collecting and sharing valuable real time information such as traffic, accidents, road works, air quality, locations of potholes or speed cameras.

eHermes, 3D Aerospace IoT platform, will localise any vehicles with 30cm accuracy providing unmatched navigation services to all vehicle drivers.

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  • Free Space 3D models. 2,002 space 3D models are available for download on CGTrader. Space is a category full of low poly, game-ready models of sci-fi spaceships.There are also asteroids, planets (including Moon and Mars, to simulate colonization) and realistic space shuttles for the more scientifically inclined.
  • 3D fileSpace can give you a bird's eye view of all your files and folders, so you get quick and direct point-and-click access to each of hundreds of items, far more than a regular 2D view can show. And you can quickly see what is inside multiple nested folders, without having to painstakingly navigate to each one.

The 3D Aerospace community, the eMAPers, will continuously collect information of their local environment which will be used by 3D Aerospace to constantly verify the correctness of the maps and to update them accordingly if necessary. 3D Aerospace will propose freely life-time map updates to the community.

3D Aerospace is currently designing a new generation of Personal Navigation Device, eHermes, using primarily the outstanding performances of Galileo, the European GNSS constellation. 3D Aerospace ambitions to deploy millions of eHermes worldwide to enter into a new age of digital maps: eMAPs.

Although 3D Aerospace platform, eHermes, is a multi-constellation & multi-frequency receiver, Galileo is the privileged GNSS constellation used for Position, Velocity Acceleration calculations.

Thanks to Galileo unique performances, a robust and accurate decimetre positioning service can be offered to 3D Aerospace customers.

eMAPs: real-time, multi-layers, freely available, 3D maps

In eMAPs, information collected by the eMAPers (owner of an eHermes platform) will be merged with data collected from space thanks to the European Copernicus satellites to provide the most accurate database to date. The ambition of eMAPs is not only to provide the best real-time information such as traffic information but also being able to forecast accurately the future.

Several key technologies will be merged into the eHermes platform to enable the introduction of full self-driving cars. Thanks to eHermes, position accuracy will be improved to decimetre level including in challenging urban environments.

Become part of the eMAPer community

Be an eMAPer today by pre-ordering an eHermes receiver.
3D fileSpace

Buy now Download (1.2 MB) v1.5.5 for Mac OS X 10.6 and newer. Free trial, $29 single user license.
3/31v1.5.5: Universal version runs natively on M1 and Intel Macs

3D fileSpace gives you a bird's eye view of all your files and folders, so you get quick and direct point-and-click access to each of hundreds of items, far more than a regular 2D view can show.

And you can quickly see what is inside multiple nested folders, without having to painstakingly navigate to each one. You can drag and drop and perform Finder-like tasks. You can pan, zoom and tilt the view so it shows its contents as you prefer.

  • Get direct point-and-click access to each of hundreds of items.
  • Drag and drop and perform Finder-like tasks without switching windows.
  • Spend less time navigating folders.

You can have a single window composed of multiple panes each showing a Finder folder and the contents of folders inside, so you can keep on hand in a single window all the files and folders you use day to day. And each pane can be quickly expanded into a new full-size window, any time you wish to see the full details. And any 3D window can be turned into a drawer that sits alongside the edge of the screen taking almost no space yet immediately accessible.


Easy visual access to files and applications

  • Rise above the labyrinth of folders and see all the icons in the whole landscape at once.
  • Just click to open files and applications, no need to remember names or navigate file lists.
  • No need to remember the exact location of each item, 'it's around that group in the back' or 'near that one there' is enough.
  • Rearrange files and folders in the landscape as you wish, and make the landscape more recognizable at the same time.
  • Compose multiple Finder folders into a single window, to have fewer 'places' to keep track of.

Unlimited desktop space

  • Let your desktop extend into the distance instead of being limited by the edges of the screen.
  • Add new items easily, the desktop just grows to accommodate them.
  • Existing items stay where they are, new items create their own space in front.
  • No more clutter; no more having to make room for new items; no more having to decide what to throw out.
  • As older items recede to the back you can always go back to them, or bring them to the front again.
  • Clear your desktop by putting desktop items in a drawer, they'll stay close at hand without taking over the whole screen.
  • Keep a miniature view of your desktop items in a corner of the screen, if you prefer to always see them.
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Fast file/folder browser

3d Filespace
  • See the contents of dozens of folders and their sub-folders at a glance, without having to visit each sub-folder.
  • Enlarge any item by simply pointing at it.
  • Get full-size Quick Look previews without having to click or press keys.
  • Zoom, pan and tilt with simple gestures.
  • Expand folders into platforms with one click.
  • Stacked platforms keep the big picture in view so you can always see where you are.
  • Drop any Finder folder on 3D fileSpace's icon in the Dock to view that folder as a 3D landscape.

Use drawers for instant access

  • Drawers stand by along the edge of the screen, out of the way.
  • Use a drawer as a convenient visual launcher for all those applications that don't fit in the dock.
  • Change any window into a drawer.
  • Open a drawer at any time with just a flick of the finger or mouse.

Arrange and customize landscapes

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  • Drag items and folders to create groups and other visually meaningful arrangements.
  • Make key icons larger so they stand out from afar; shrink icons that you don't need to see but don't want to remove.
  • Resize folders to have them show more or less of their contents.
  • Make 3D views small and use them as status panels, or make them extra large to immerse yourself in the landscape.
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Perform file management tasks directly in the 3D view

  • Drag and drop items to/from the Finder and other applications.
  • Copy, move, rename, delete items and folders as with the Finder.
  • Multi-pane windows make copying, moving or rearranging items faster and easier.


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A single user license costs $29 and is valid for one person using any number of computers. Five and ten users licenses are also available, as well as family licenses (valid for all members of one household on their own computers).

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Thanks to Mike Ash for NSBlog, Andy Lee for AppKido, Matt Gallagher for NSString+ SymlinksAndAliases, Gideon Greenspan for freeform drawers. Thanks to Gregory Ibendahl, Robin Landsbert, Timothy James and Nick Walford-Smith for testing and suggestions. And thanks to all the fine people who created the Mac, Mac OS X, Cocoa, Xcode, Grand Central Dispatch, Shark, OpenGL, GDB, LLVM, and their predecessors. The icon was drawn by Sim Wong.

Privacy Policy

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3D fileSpace does not collect any data to be transmitted out of your computer. Zero.

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Version History

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Version 1.5.5 - March 31, 2021
  • Universal version runs natively on M1 and Intel Macs.
  • Various minor fixes.
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