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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
If you are migrating from tools like Confluence, Airtable, Notion or other repositories, you can arrange a call with us to talk about your migration, we would love to help 🙂 Book a call with us here

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When it comes to migrating your research data to a new repository, there are 2 types of data sets you will need to plan for: Raw data and Research Outcomes.

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Raw Data: Is any data point you gathered in order to answer a research question - it could be surveys, interview transcriptions, customer feedback, etc.

Research Outcomes: Are any conclusions or learnings you extracted from your data and analysis. Most teams will share insights via PowerPoint presentations, wiki pages, Google docs, etc.

👉The best way to get started is to turn your research outcomes into Stories.

If you are familiar with Atomic Research, you can read this guide:Implementing Atomic Research using EnjoyHQ

You can think about stories as mini-blogs that help you capture your learnings and share insights with your team.

For example, let’s say you worked on a new version of your personas. You interviewed and visit many customers and after deep analysis, you put all your findings into a presentation with the new version of your personas and you shared it with your team.

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In the context of EnjoyHQ, that research work can be turned into a Story by:

  1. Creating a story.
  2. Writing a short description of your approach and key takeaways.
  3. Attaching or embedding the Powerpoint presentation to it.
  4. You can also embed videos, customer quotes and any other data point that can help increase the impact of your story.

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You can label your stories so your team members can filter by topic easily. Your label could be anything from use cases, personas, type of study, vertical, product team, etc.

As you continue to add stories you can start linking those stories to each other. Connecting stories will help you see the relationship between current and previous research outcomes. Connecting insights across all your research will help you build a knowledge graph from your research activity.

Once you have more stories in your account, EnjoyHQ will start suggesting connections based on the content of your stories.

You can see all your stories in the Stories section and read-only users will be able to access them easily.

Once you have turned your research summaries/presentations into Stories you can decide whether or not you want to bring into EnjoyHQ all the raw data you used as part of the analysis behind each story and make it fully searchable.

You can import all your research notes, interview transcriptions, survey responses, etc to EnjoyHQ easily.

You can import files directly into the global search section or to specific research projects. Using the upload icon. Learn more about adding data to your account.

We suggest associating your raw research data to the Stories you created by:

1. Creating a project in EnjoyHQ for each of your studies. Learn more about projects here.

2. Uploading the raw data directly to the respective project inbox.

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3. Associating each story to its respective project.

🔎Any data you upload to EnjoyHQ is fully searchable.

Once you have migrated your existing research data and stories you can start using Research Projects to analyze and collaborate on new research questions.

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If you are migrating your data from another tool and need help mapping it into EnjoyHQ we will be happy to help any time. Just get in touch via live chat and email ([email protected]) and we’ll get back to you right away.

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