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Posted : admin On 1/20/2022
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by Miro

In addition to workshopping and scheduling your tweets and Facebook posts in Airtable, you can also set up integrations to automatically post content for you. You and your team can provide the creative work, and Airtable will ensure it gets where it needs to go! How to automatically post to Twitter without leaving your base. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Miro collaborative whiteboards meet Airtable to help your team manage shared projects from idea to implementation in one place. Use Miro to ideate together, discuss designs visually, organize agile planning and retros and easily transform or reflect it in the Airtable base without leaving a tab.

Key features:

  1. Airtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. Get started for free.
  2. 17) Post to Twitter: Post specific information from your Airtable marketing base directly to Twitter. 18) Send a Slack message: Send information from an Airtable base to a Slack channel. 19) Create a new record from Google Sheets: Sync information from Google Sheets into Airtable.
  3. Airtable is a cloud collaboration service headquartered in San Francisco. It was founded in. Are similar to cells in a spreadsheet, but have types such as 'checkbox', 'phone number', and 'drop-down list', and can reference file attachments like images.
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  • Attach live Miro whiteboards to Airtable via Blocks and benefit from an infinite collaborative canvas where you can work as if you are on a real whiteboard.
  • Set up permission rights so that your teammates can either edit, comment or view boards right from Airtable.

Miro Block is available on Airtable PRO plan. Follow our installation link to get a free trial for 14 days.

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