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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is going forward with mass-producing an all-electric, self-driving Apple Car. This has widespread implications, because — as we noted earlier this month — Apple won’t build the Apple Car by itself. The company will use outside vendors to supply critical hardware for the Apple Car. We believe one such vendor could be LiDAR maker Luminar Technologies (NASDAQ:LAZR), and that is one of the reasons we’ve been so bullish on LAZR stock.

On Friday, Feb. 19, Bloomberg all but confirmed that is the case.

  1. Luminar might partner with Apple or Tesla. Apple is working on a car that's expected to use lidar sensors. It has opened talks with potential suppliers of the critical component for self-driving.
  2. Jan 28, 2021 Luminar, on the other hand, is focused on building sensors that can be used in mass-market vehicles. The company’s sensors are expected to hit the sweet spot for automakers, costing under $1,000.

The Times Austin Russell: the $2.4bn 25-year-old who’s got Elon Musk worried February 2021 Forbes Luminar Partners With Zenseact To Create Full-Stack Automated Driving System March 2021 The Verge Building the Future of Self-Driving Cars March 2021 The Verge Volvo bucks the industry, will sell LIDAR-equipped self-driving cars to customers. Luminar AI allows you to revolutionize the way you enhance photos but conveniently fits into your current workflow. Luminar AI can be used as a plug-in or extension for: Lightroom Classic (starting from version 6) Photoshop (from version CS5) Photos for macOS; Here are.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported that Apple is, indeed, in talks with LiDAR makers to include their sensors in the Apple Car. The report implied that Apple has yet to decide on a specific LiDAR maker and is continuing to have discussions with various suppliers.

There is a high probability that, when all is said and done, Luminar will be company that Apple settles on — and therefore, “Apple Car supplier” is very likely in Luminar’s future.

Undoubtedly, the Apple Car will be a big hit. That’s a big reason to buy LAZR stock.

Here’s a deeper look.

Luminar Is the Best LiDAR Maker

When Apple builds something, they make it a very high-quality product, with the highest-quality components. So, when it comes to the Apple Car, Apple will likely pick the best LiDAR in the market.

Who makes the best LiDAR in the world?


Apple Luminar

Relative to other LiDAR sensors, Luminar’s LiDAR have the:

  • Longest range, at over 250 meters of visibility at 5% reflectivity.
  • Best resolution, with over 300 points per square degree at 10 Hertz.
  • Best performance in adverse weather.
  • Least interference from other LiDAR and/or sunlight.

It’s the best long-range LiDAR on the planet. It just happens to be the lowest-cost LiDAR, too, as Luminar is the only LiDAR maker in the world that is able to integrate its LiDAR sensors in a vehicle for under $1,000.

There really is no competition here. Luminar is the best LiDAR maker in the world.

Apple won’t partner with the second-best for the Apple Car. They’ll pick the best. And the best is Luminar. That’s a big positive for LAZR stock.

Apple Car Will Be a Hit

Luminar winning an Apple Car supplier partnership would be big for two reasons.

Apple Luminar

One, the Apple Car will be a hit.

Apple is Apple. This is the company behind the world’s most popular consumer hardware products, like the iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch. This is a company with nearly $200 billion in cash on its balance sheet, and about 150,000 highly-qualified employees…

Now, this company – with the most experience in the world, the most money in the world, and the most engineering and design talent in the world – is going to make a car.

This Apple Car has the potential to be truly disruptive… and turn into an enormous hit like the iPhone.

Two, the partnership will be a huge vote of confidence from the world’s largest technology company. Other auto OEMs will take note. Luminar should be able to leverage this partnership win to sign-on multiple other auto OEMs over the next few years.

To that end, Luminar winning the Apple Car contract could be the beginning of an avalanche of new contracts for the LiDAR maker. As all those contracts roll in, LAZR stock will keep pushing higher.


Bottom Line on LAZR Stock

The self-driving revolution has arrived. One of the best ways to play this revolution is by buying perception technology companies. The most important component of the self-driving hardware perception stack is LiDAR, and the best LiDAR maker in the world is Luminar.

On that basis alone, LAZR stock is a great long-term investment. The Apple Car catalyst just adds more firepower to the bull thesis.

But it’s not the best growth stock to buy today.

Instead, the best growth stock to buy today is a company which reminds me of a young Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Indeed, I think buying this stock today could be like buying AMZN stock back in 1997 — before it soared thousands of percent.

Which stock am I talking about?

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Before delving into Luminar 4 vs Luminar AI review to know which of the two is worth it in 2021, it is pertinent to know that photo editing is a crucial and popular aspect of the modern digital world. It is not only for professional photographers but also for other individuals.

Some of the most significant reasons for effective image editing for businesses include shadow creation, image masking and manipulation, restoration of old images, creation of ghost mannequin, color rectification, photo retouching, and removal of unattractive background.

But how can a business enjoy all the above and more for its growth and expansion without effective photo editing software in place?

Click to Quickly Navigate to:

An Overview of Luminar

Luminar is one of the most reliable options that anyone looking for exemplary image editing applications can consider. It is one of the most reputable global photo editing software applications developed by Skylum, formerly referred to as Macphun, and available for Windows and macOS.

It is a Windows and Mac application that works independently and can also serve as a plugin for Adobe and other Apple products.

It integrates with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Photos for macOS, Adobe Photoshop, and the gold award winner in 2020 at the Digital Camera Grand Prix for being highly creative and innovative in the photo editing industry. Luminar 4 won this award along with 2 other of its exceptional products: Photolemur and Aurora HDR 2019.

It has also been recognized as the Best Photo Software Product in the 2019/2020 EISA awards.


In addition to filters that are significant in editing images, this app also comes with great effects combined with layers and masks to enhance the raw files' quality of images.

The latest version of this software is Luminar 4, launched and released on Nov 18th, 2019. It comes packaged with multiple AI tools that offer automated sky replacement, among many other exciting features.

Luminar 4 Review

It is one of the most unique photo editing software versions in the market that is continually evolving to give the users the best editing results and experience. Luminar 4 is exceptionally effective in the modern digital world and provides enhancements in various forms, which includes augmented reality effects.

Depending on where you stand, you can find these features either cheating or amazing based on the side you take. Additionally, Luminar 4 also has a full range of basic photo selection tools, including cropping layers, retouching, and curves that make it one of the most influential and effective photo editing applications even without the AI fireworks that come with it.

What Is Luminar 4?

For starters, this is an all-in-one effects and photo editing program that comes with an inbuilt Library tool that one can use to browse, search, and organize photos. Since all these tools are non-destructive, users can always go back and undo any changes they apply to the images or try out an entirely different effect or look any time they feel.

It comes with Image Lightroom with amazing expanded editing and effects tools just with less sophisticated cataloging.

Unfortunately, Luminar 4 lacks both mobile app support and Adobe's cloud sync. Its specialty is AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools that can enhance the image to identify objects and subject types and mask and edit them selectively.

Even though the AI Sky Enhancer is a perfect example, the technology has grown over time since its release in the market. AI Sky Replacement in the latest versions accompanies the AI Portrait Enhancer panel and AI Augmented Sky tools.

Many other applications allow you to carry out routine photo editing adjustments, but one of the major reasons you should consider Luminar 4 is its real drive towards enhanced, augmented, and reimagined reality. If the latter is your dream as a photo editor, then this software version is for you. It also comes with some tools to enhance the images and make them ‘real'.

How Does Luminar 4 Work?

There are two options of using Luminar 4, which are either using it as a standalone program or as a plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. If you choose the former, you get an integrated Library screen useful for browsing the photos and an Edit screen to adjust and enhance the images. If you use Luminar 4 as only a plugin, all you get are the editing tools, and once you finish editing the photos, they are returned to the host software.

While the former Skylum versions, such as Luminar 3, came with plugin versions as a separate product, Luminar 4 comes with the plugin included as part of the software.

While the main Library window seems basic to most users, it is also highly effective and allows one to import the folders they want to include, and they appear in the sidebar to the right. It also allows you to create Albums and use Shortcuts, including ‘Recently Edited' and ‘Favorites', and anything useful in finding pictures. You can also add Ratings, Color Labels, and Flags and filter your images to ensure the best outcome.

With Luminar 4.3 Skylum, a basic search tool allows users to find images using dates, names, folders, and file extensions, which means more convenience and a better photo editing experience.

The tools and filters in the Edit window are divided into four workspaces, namely Essentials, Pro, Portrait, and Creative. Unlike the earlier versions of Luminar, where these workspaces were endlessly customizable, this version here makes the filters more consolidated, and they are now in specific workspaces.

In addition to the effects, Luminar 4 has a whole catalog accessible via a button found on the top toolbar. They apply combinations of filters and settings with a single click with which users can create and save their own and download from the Luminar website.

Who Is It For?

If you are wondering whether Luminar 4 is right for you or not, then you are not alone. This Luminar Skylum version is most useful and suitable for traditional photo editors looking for a competent set of tools at an affordable, fair price.

However, it is primarily aimed at experimenters and image-makers, and photographers excited by the medium and its full potential but relatively new to the industry. It seeks to offer spectacular imagery without a significant time or technical know-how needed in the past.

Luminar 4 Cost

It was released into the market on Nov 18th, 2019, at $89 for new users and $69 as an upgrade for existing Luminar users.

Is Luminar 4 A Subscription?

It is a one-off purchase, which contrasts with the monthly subscription payments such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and is out to replace both Luminar Flex and Luminar 3. The buying cost includes both performance updates and ongoing features, as well as support and bug fixes.

Luminar AI Review

Luminar AI is revolutionary and among the latest image editing software that uses artificial intelligence in complex editing tasks in a time-efficient manner.

It is a Windows and Mac application that functions independently and also as a Plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos for Mac OS. People who are used to Adobe workflow can benefit, immensely, from it.

It is designed for all creative levels, from beginner photographers to seasoned pros, even though they, mostly, use it as plugins to other image editing software.

It is a combination of both simplicity of use and incredible performance that makes the editing experience amazing and exemplary.

Being an entirely new and non-conventional approach to the image editing world, Luminar AI is out to ensure a simplified approach to image manipulation while retaining full manual control for the power users. It, therefore, focuses more on the results than the process.

Additionally, it is also out to make the editing process both fun and easy while at the same time also allowing the users to hone their creative skills under the guidance of Templates and other handy features.

With this version, Skylum has attempted to eliminate all the tedious and complex photo editing procedures without compromising the user's creativity, which explains why it still allows you to control the outcome still.

Luminar AI Release Date

It was released into the market on Dec 15th, 2020, after several trials and tutorials to ascertain its performance and to train the potential users on its usage.

If you are planning on purchasing it, you may not find a Luminar AI trial, but you will find some Luminar AI tutorials and you can watch the templates, landscape tools in action, and how portraits are enhanced to the ‘WOW' level, to help you get started.

The Reason Behind Luminar AI Release

The question will always be asked, “Why Luminar AI when we still have Luminar 4?”.

Well, the reason for doing this is because the Skylum Team has put in more than a decade of effort into Luminar AI to eliminate all complexities associated with traditional photo editing, but still help you to churn out great images in the shortest possible time with artificial intelligence.

Luminar AI Price

As said above, Luminar AI can be used as both a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop. It can also be used as an extension for Apple Photos and is available to purchase from Skylum for a single lifetime purchase of $99 with a license for 2 computers.

Is Luminar AI Worth It?

With the amazing results that the version offers, Luminar AI is worth the money and if it is suitable for you, then go for it. This is one of the perfectly effective everyday image enhancement tools available in the market.

Pros of Luminar AI

Apple Luminary

Several benefits come with using Luminar AI, which includes:

* Greater value for money.

* The simplicity of use eliminates the need for extensive training.

* It has made complex edits simpler.

* It comes with amazing AI tools that produce amazing results.

* It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users (Template-based and manual masking).

* AI tools conform to each photo for the quickest edits.

* It is a great plugin for Mac/Adobe photos.

* It is faster (compared to Luminar 4) and fun to use.


Some of the features that comprise the editing experience with Luminar AI are as discussed below:

* You may need to get used to it to easily locate advanced features with this version.

* Offers limited DAM and export options.

* Cannot transfer Luminar 3 and 4 catalogs directly.

Unique Features of Luminar AI

Several aspects make Luminar AI a groundbreaking Skylum software, some of which are discussed below:

* Simplified workspaces mean a more efficient workflow.

* Templates that ensure a guided AI-powered editing experience.

* It is a powerful plugin for existing Photoshop, Lightroom, and macOS photo users.

* It comes with time-saving AI-powered editing tools.

* Manual masking tools take full control and selectively remove or add AI edits.

* It comes with AI tools that conform to individual pictures for simplified batch editing.

* It is generally fast (Luminar AI vs. Luminar comparison.)

Luminar AI Vs. Luminar 4 (What Are the Differences?)

While they may seem similar in multiple aspects, there are several differences that any photo editor can see when studying Luminar 4 or Luminar AI.

While Luminar 4 impressed everyone with the little handful of AI tools, for instance, Luminar AI is a unique and different application entirely powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Hence, it is not, necessarily, an upgrade from Luminar 4.

This means that photographers of all levels can easily take advantage of all the AI tools available in Luminar AI for landscape photography and general imaging and portrait retouching, among many other tasks, including general image enhancement.

Differences between Luminar4 and Luminar AI in a Nutshell (What Is New?)

* Sky Enhancer and Accent – This is about 30% faster in Luminar AI compared to Luminar 4.

* Luminar AI recognizes over 7,000 more objects for suggestions and better editing.

* Newer color tools like LUTs-powered ‘New Mood' and ‘Color Harmony'.

* Better ‘Clone & Stamp' and ‘Eraser' tool with no-layer and non-destructive effects.

* Brush in color with a new non-destructive tool for more intelligent and sharper skin and portrait adjustments.

* Greater 3D depth through reconstruction, better object placements, and atmosphere adjustments.

Who Is Good for Luminar AI?

This Skylum Luminar version is ideal for a range of users such as:

* Someone in need of amazing quick photos without any extra complexity in a limited time

* If you are so keen on results rather than the process involved

* If you want to solve problems

Apple Luminar Download

* If you are new to photography

* If you want to shoot more and edit less

* If you are eliminating advanced or complex editing tools

* If you are a visual professional or communicator such as bloggers, business owners, teachers, learners, product makers, crafters, Instagrammers, hobbyists, and amateur photographers.

Apple Luminar 4

Does Luminar AI Replace Luminar 4?

Since each of these Skylum Luminar versions is different and unique, it is hard to say if Luminar AI is a replacement for Luminar 4 or not, especially because the former is still new in the market. Nevertheless, Luminar AI is not an upgrade to Luminar4. Both programs can be used together on the same computer without any overwriting or conflict between them.

Other Things You Should Know

* You can use both Luminar 4 and Luminar AI together on the same computer, but independently of each other. Don't worry, neither will overwrite the other.

* No third-party plugin support.

* You can use Aurora HDR to merge bracketed photos.

Apple Lunar New Year

* Images exported from Aurora HDR are, automatically, scanned and uploaded to Luminar AI from the catalog.

* Custom and purchased Luminar 4 looks will, automatically, be migrated to Luminar AI (with the exception of older tools from Luminar 3 and previous versions).

* As a plugin, Luminar AI easily fits into the workflow of your host.

* Luminar AI can work with RAW files and supports many new cameras.

Luminar Apple Photos

* You can use your own sky photos with Luminar AI, but make sure they are in PNG, JPEG or TIFF formats.

Apple Luminar App

* Your Luminar 4 Sky photos will also be compatible with Luminar AI.

Apple Luminara

Is Luminar AI better Than Luminar 4?

It is undeniable, based on the previous Luminar versions, that each of the latest versions gets increasingly better than the previous ones, making Luminar AI better than Luminar 4. With such a trend in place over the years, we should look out for more powerful, user-friendly, and intuitive software when talking about Luminar AI.

Additionally, it is also very affordable and right at the photo editing tech world's cutting edge. Before purchasing any of these versions, you should take the time to determine the suitability of each one of them for your editing needs.