Babyliss Fx Skeleton

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

With a motor designed by Ferrari engineers, BaBylissPRO SilverFX Skeleton Lithium Hair Trimmer is fast and powerful. This cord/cordless lithium trimmer is fitted with a high torque, brushless Ferrari-designed engine, making it ideal for crispy edge ups, hard lines and all other detail work.

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177 product ratings - Babyliss Pro Gold FX Skeleton Exposed T-Blade Outlining Cordless Trimmer FX787G. Watch; GREAT PRICE Great price compared to similar brand new items. Babyliss Pro Gold FX Skeleton Exposed T. BABYLISSPRO LOSCUTS INFLUENCER LIMITED EDITION SKELETON TRIMMER #FX787RI Proud Chicago native Carlos Estrella has gathered close to 220k instagram followers with a passionate mastery of tools, trends, and techniques that have made him one of barberology’s most requested artists. Babyliss Pro Gold FX Collection Trimmer and Shaver Combo #FXHOLPK2G Contains Babyliss Pro FX787G – Skeleton Trimmer Babyliss Pro FXFS2G Double Foil Shaver 1) BaByliss Pro GOLDFX Metal Lithium Outliner #FX787G. DCL/Titanium Adjustable Zero-Gap T-Blade (Zero-Gap Tool Included) 360 Exposed Blade; High-Torque Brushless Ferrari-Designed Engine.

Graphite deep-tooth 2.0 mm T blade is 360° fully exposed, allowing for unbelievable precision. The brushless motor speeds up to 7200 rpm, for the optimal combination of speed, power and precision. Lithium ion battery features 2 hour cordless runtime. Beautiful all-metal housing with stunning silver finish.

Babyliss Skeleton Trimmer

BABYLISS FX 2.0 SKELETON WHITE LIMITED EDITION EXPOSED T-BLADE INFLUENCER COLLECTION. Trimmer Details: BabylissPro’s new metal lithium outliner. This professional cord/cordless tool features an exposed t-blade with 360 degree views, making this the first of it’s kind!

  • Unique, zero gap and 360° fully exposed T blade

  • Graphite deep-tooth 2.0 mm T blade (zero gap tool included)

  • High-torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed engine

  • Dual voltage for worldwide use

  • Speed up to 7200 rpm

  • Cord/cordless trimmer with lithium ion battery

  • Lithium ion battery with 2 hour runtime

  • Ideal for crispy edge ups, hard lines and all other detail work

  • Hanging hook

  • LED charge indicator lights

  • All-metal housing with knurled barbell grip

  • Stunning silver finish

  • 2 year warranty

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B787GA - GoldFX Skeleton Lithium Hair Trimmer


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Babyliss Fx Skeleton

B788SA - SilverFX Lithium Hair Trimmer

Babyliss Pro Fx Skeleton

RRP $295 AUD