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If you have trouble completing a scenario, you can use a cheat. The cheats for Wesnoth are simple codes. I listed them below.

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To enable cheating you must enter the “debug” command. You can insert a command by pressing the : key. Then you type debug. In fact, you type :debug. All commands and cheats given below start with : . Just type that and then insert the code. Finish with the Enter key to activate code. Cheats will not work in online multiplayer!!!

Misc. cheats:

From The Battle for Wesnoth Wiki. This is an easy campaign that is mainly intended to introduce new players to the mechanics of the game. 1 Rooting Out a Mage; 2 The Chase. Especially at night. If you put forward a strong battle line on the hills before the gate during the day, you can bluff the orcs into not attacking, leaving.

  • This is the menu screen for Wesnoth 1.0.1. (License: GNU GPL v2) Elves fight against the orcs. (License: GNU GPL v2) The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, open source turn-based strategy game. The setting is Wesnoth, a typical fantasy land populated with humans, elves, and orcs. Unlike some other strategy games that emphasize building, Wesnoth emphasizes unit positioning and tactics.
  • Wesnoth Markup Language. As an extensible game engine, Wesnoth uses a simple data language to store and load all game data. Although XML was considered initially, we decided that we wanted something a little more friendly to non-technical users, and a little more relaxed with regard to use of visual data.
  • The battle for Wesnoth is thus a living entity slowly expanding through the energy of its online community. I expect it to become more successful and look forward to playing version 2 with a mature set of tools for campaign generation.

These cheats will only affect the current side!

  • shroud -> clears the shroud (the black)
  • fog -> clears the fog
  • gold <amount> -> gives you gold. (for example: :gold=100) You can also insert a negative value to remove gold (this can be a nice code to remove your enemies’ gold (just enter the command in their turn)).
  • n -> skips current scenario
  • create <unit ID> -> creates an unit on the selected hex. Unit’s ID is it’s type, wich you can read below the bold white personal name. (for example: :create Bowman) HOTKEY SHIFT+C
    • (only for 1.9.x and higher!) turn <number> -> sets current turn number. Will also affect day/night cyclus!
    • (only for 1.9.x and higher!) turn_limit <number> -> sets maximum turns. A value of 0 (zero) will remove the limit!
  • nodebug -> quits Debug mode. You will have to enable this mode again by entering :debug to cheat again!!!

Unit cheats:

All these cheats begin with “unit”. You must select an unit first before entering a cheat!

  • hitpoints=<amount> -> sets your unit’s hitpoints. (Example: :unit hitpoints=100) Don’t set it to zero, or else the attacker will recieve no experience!
  • max_hitpoints=<amount> -> sets your unit’s maximum hitpoints. Doesn’t give an amount of hitpoints, just sets a maximum!!!
  • moves=<amount> -> sets your unit’s movement points.
  • max_moves=<amount> -> sets maximum moves. For max_moves=0, units will become immobile!
  • level=<amount> -> sets unit’s level
  • experience=<amount> ->sets unit’s experience points
  • max_experience=<amount> -> sets unit’s maximum experience points
  • advances_to=<ID> -> sets unit’s advancement. (Example: :unit advances_to=Drake Flameheart)
  • side=<side number> -> changes unit’s side. (Works also on villages!) (Example: :unit side=5) HOTKEY SHIFT+U
  • canrecruit=<yes/no> -> makes your unit a leader unit (or removes the leader status) Make sure you ALWAYS have at least one leader, or you will lose the game!!!
  • gender=<male/female> -> changes unit’s gender
  • alignment=<chaotic/lawful/neutral> -> changes unit’s alignment

As far as I know this are all of the cheats. But it isn’t impossible there are more. If you find one, send it to me or leave a comment on this post including the cheat.

This campaign is the prequel to campaigns Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm. To those familiar with the lore presented in the aforementioned campaigns, the events in Genesis take place during the First Cycle, mostly set on the worlds of Irdya, Norsula, Ethea, and Yrathid.
There exist ten worlds in the new universe, one for each aspect of creation, and each governed by an associated Guardian. These Guardians serve as the rulers of their respective worlds and are charged with maintaining peace and order in their realms. These Guardians, however, often come into conflict with one another by the very nature of their beings, and this results in a tepid hostility between many worlds.
For most, there is no escape from the machinations of the Guardians, and they can only suffer through what fate has in store for them, but there are a select few who possess enough power to challenge the god-like Guardians and quell the growing flames of war. Of course, the energies that these souls hold also draws unwanted attention, which ultimately endangers their lives and forces them into situations in which they must face unknown threats and enemies of extraordinary power. It is these entities whose story we follow here, as they explore the secrets of the creation of the universe, and the forces that might come to destroy it.

Battle For Wesnoth 2 Release

(Expert level, part 1 - 23 scenarios [complete])
All packages can be obtained from the Wesnoth 1.14.x/1.15.x add-ons server. The resource package 'Genesis Resources' is required for this campaign to function properly. This campaign is intended to work with Wesnoth version 1.14.0 and later only.
Any bugs, comments, or concerns should be posted in this thread. Please note that even if your feedback does not receive a direct reply, it will be read and considered for subsequent versions of this campaign. All feedback will be appreciated.
Replies to questions will not cover future events (i.e.: no spoilers for unwritten parts of this campaign will be given).
The 'hard' difficulty of this campaign can be very challenging (especially in later scenarios), and is significantly more difficult than either the 'normal' or 'easy' modes. Do remember this when considering choice of difficulty.
PlayerFor scenarios that are particularly laggy on 1.14, please disable terrain and water animations. This seems to improve performance quite a bit.
shadowm - a lot of help help with the early stages of development, images, play-testing, and storyline
doofus-01 - creator of Archaic Resources terrains and allowed them to be used in this campaign
EoZ - playtesting and balance feedback
BTIssac - unit portraits

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