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Digital wall clocks boast sleek and slim designs that make them a great addition in any room. These highly functional. We pared ten excellent 2021 Digital Wall Clock digital wall clocks over the previous 2 years. Uncover which Digital Wall Clock digital wall clocks is best. Filter by type, material, movement. Get set for battery alarm clock at Argos. Same Day delivery 7 days a week £3.95, or fast store collection. Shop for timex digital wall clock online at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Timegyro ChaoRong Small WallShelf Desk Digital Clock Only Battery Operated with 1.2' Large Display. 4pcs Batteries Can Keep The Time Disp.

Digital wall clocks boast sleek and slim designs that make them a great addition in any room. These highly functional clocks display the time in hours minutes and seconds in traditional numerals that are easy to read. The best part about these models is that you can either hang them on the wall or place them on your desk, depending on your preference. Most of these clocks can display both the 12 and 24-hour clock system. With this out of the way, we’ll show you some of the best models available on the market this year. These models on our list also display the date with some of them even showing you the temperature and humidity level.

Features of the best digital wall clock

Choosing the best model is quiet, so before choosing a specific model, let us show you some of the essential features of the best models on the market.

  • Size: The best clock is wide enough to be visible to everyone in any part of the room. When shopping around, remember the bigger, the better. Besides, larger models have large displays, making them a great option even for those who are visually impaired or the elderly.
  • Date and day: The best model can also tell you the day of the week and the day of the year aside from telling you the time. If this is a feature you want, then narrow down your options to models that have this feature.
  • Special features: As we have mentioned above, you can also go for a clock that displays the humidity and temperature of your room.
  • Auto-night light; You might also consider buying a clock with a light sensor that indicates when to turn on the internal light when there is reduced lighting in the room.
  • Accuracy: You need to make sure the clock is accurate before buying it. How do you check this? Confirm whether it is a radio-controlled atomic clock that synchronizes data from the national atomic clock. Furthermore, you need to confirm that the sensors are powerful enough to prevent the temperature and humidity from interfering with its readings.
  • Electric or battery?: Do you want an electric clock or a battery operated one? This is also another factor you need to have in mind when shopping around. Both of these options have their pros and cons. Electric models, on the one hand, eliminate the need for changing batteries while battery operated models eliminate the inconvenience of using cords.
    Besides, electric models need a strategic location near an outlet while battery operated models can be placed anywhere. We won’t tell you which one is better than the other because the final decision rests on you, so choose one that is more convenient.
  • Design: Go for a clock that ultimately matches your interior décor. A more stylish model that blends well with the room. We prefer digital clocks made of wood over plastic because they are more elegant and blend well with any room décor. Pay more attention to the clock’s design and also choose one that is made of durable materials.

This is among the best digital clocks in terms of elegance and functionality. It boasts 11.5″ Extra Large LED display, which makes it perfect for showing time all the time. As well, this can be an excellent décor boost for walls and countertops. It is a great alarm clock that suits all age demographics. You can use it to check the time to go to class, leave for work when to start dinner among other uses.

It displays time and date and year in big digit numbers. This makes it very easy to read at night and during the day. Besides, it boasts a five-level brightness dimmer function. That means you can regulate the level of brightness to suit your eyes comfort. Moreover, it offers a weekend and weekday alarm settings. It also features a big snooze button. The dual USB charger ports offer easy charging options.


The MARATHON slim jumbo is also another classic example of the best timekeeping device. It is professionally designed to ensure it fits different kinds of lifestyles. To start with, it offers incredibly easy viewing as it features a large display and 4.5-inch digits. The self-adjusting feature is one of the terrific features of this clock. Well, this is based on radio frequencies broadcast.

As you well know, the atomic feature only functions in North America. It also displays temperature in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. The other aspect is the 24 and 12-hour display formats. You can select the mode you want with a simple click of a button. Likewise, it comes equipped with front set buttons for a snooze, alarm, and mode functions.

Have you been searching for a beautiful timepiece for the elderly? The La Crosse Technology atomic calendar clock is one fantastic innovation that will guarantee the best time checking experience. It boasts a self-setting function of time and date. It features an incredibly lightweight and low profile design. Thus, it is designed to fit well and complement your interior décor. It features a powerful rechargeable battery to ensure you enjoy time checking conveniently.

Moreover, the display for calendar view is customizable. Besides, it offers accurate alarm settings. The alarm features 10 minutes’ snooze. The extra-large and easy to read digits allows those with memory loss, poor eyesight to have convenient time checking. Besides, you can use the adjustable display mode to select full weekday, weekday, and date, or choose to include indoor temperature. It is easy to install as you can hang it on the wall or place it on the desk.

This is still another remarkable innovation from Marathon. It boasts atomic self-adjusting features to keep you up to date. It boasts a large LED display which shows time in extra-large fonts. Also, it features multiple language options. It shows time in large 4-inch digits, which allows the elderly or those with poor eyesight to enjoy hassle-free time checking.

And, the days of the week can be displayed in German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. You only need to select your mode with a simple push of a button. Besides, the self-adjusting feature uses radio frequencies broadcasted Colorado atomic clock. It also displays indoor temperature in Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. It offers a total of 8 time zones to ensure maximum versatility of the clock. As well, there is an option to turn daylight savings time.

This 9.5″ Large digital clock from AcuRite is one of the interesting time devices in the modern era. The first feature that will surely impress you is the large LCD screen. It allows hassle-free viewing from any corner of the room. This aspect makes it an ideal clock for office, classroom, and hallway, church all other premises. It boasts intelligent time technology which automatically adjusts the clock for daylight saving time.

Amazingly, it features a built-in stand for desktop use and keyhole for wall mounting. It is powered by 4AA batteries which are not included in the package. It is an ideal digital clock for home, office, garage, classroom, warehouse, and more. It comes ready to use as it is preprogrammed and possesses a self-adjusting feature. So, you don’t need to do a lot but the only view and allow life to run each day smoothly.

Cordless Digital Wall Clocks

Enjoy the digital lifestyle with the La Crosse Technology WT-8005U-S Atomic Digital Wall Clock. It is one of the few digital clocks with unquestionable accuracy and precision. The self-setting feature brings convenience and enjoyment to anyone who wants to be at the right place at the right time. It is designed to self-set to universal time atomically. However, it is still possible to view time in different time zones with a simple touch of a button.

Also, it provides accurate indoor room temperature, which can be viewed in Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. The built-in calendar shows day, date, and month. You can, therefore, stay updated on upcoming events without missing time. It also features keyholes and foldable legs for easy hanging on the wall and the table use.


While there are many types of clocks, atomic wall clock are simply the best. This is quite true if you figure out accuracy, precision, elegance, and self-adjustment. The Marathon CL030060WH Designer Atomic Wall Clock is a sure way to enjoy convenient time checking. The self-adjusting feature uses the radio frequencies broadcasted from the NIST atomic clock. It shows time, day, date, and temperature. As well, it allows you to select either 12 or 24-hour time formats.

Besides, it shows temperature levels to allow you to adjust to the changing weather condition. It shows the temperature in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. You will also be amazed by the fact that this digital wall clock shows the indoor humidity level. Besides, it displays readings in a total of 7 languages. With this, you can customize it to fit your lifestyle.

Being one of the most accurate and premium digital clocks, this commercial-grade panoramic atomic wall clock continues to gather popularity. It features an actual self-adjusting feature which eliminates the need to set the time manually. It is quite simple because you need to put the batteries and the clock will update itself according to the NIST atomic clock time once it gets the signal.

This clock includes all the North American time zones. That means this atomic clock can be used anywhere in continental North America. Nevertheless, this clock can be set manually for anyone who will be using it outside the United States. Moreover, it boasts a sleek and contemporary design with brushed steel effect. It also features a robust foldable stand for easy use on the desktop.

This is a stylish and incredibly versatile digital clock. It offers an adjustable view in 12 hour or 24-hour clock system. It also provides temperature readings in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. It features a sizeable LED-backlit display which displays the number in large fonts. It also shows the calendar date and the day of the week.

Also, it features a built-in kickstand and keyhole function. You can choose to hang it on the wall or place it on the table. However, this model needs manual time set up since it doesn’t self-set. It also features a crescendo alarm with additional five-minute snooze. This clock is pretty easy to set and uses one AA alkaline battery.

Enjoy a perfect combination of elegance and functionality with the American Lifetime digital clock. It is a specially designed 8-inch high-resolution digital alarm clock which clearly shows the time. It displays the time, day, and month in full without any confusing abbreviation. Also, it offers five multifunctional alarms with the option to set reminders.

You can use this to set medication reminders for patients. Besides, it features a battery backup to ensure it retains the correct time even if the battery dies out. It offers durable and lightweight materials which are also safe with no harsh chemical. The slim and sleek design makes it a perfect décor booster.

No more squinting as you check the time. The AcuRite 75127 is an oversized digital clock perfect for a large room such as an open-concept office. Having this digital clock will keep your time focused and more productive with no time wastage. It displays numbers which are about 4.25 inches large. Thus, you can read time from any angle.


Cordless Digital Wall Clock

It also displays temperature so that you can know how to respond to the changing weather. It includes a 9-foot power cord and unique storage for keeping the excess cable secure. This digital clock also features battery backup to ensure it is still functional in case the batteries’ charge runs out. The design also includes keyholes for wall mounting and a built-in stand for tabletop placement.

The DreamSky LED digital clock is designed to make time checking fun and comfortable. It shows time in eye-catching extra-large digits, which are red. These provide great visual experience. Thus, it boasts multiple applications such as in administrative building, conference halls, classrooms, offices, or for use by seniors with poor eyesight. It shows not only date and time, but indoor temperature as well.

Cordless digital alarm clocks

It comes with necessary mounting screws and features keyholes to make installation a breeze. It comes with an adapter wire which is 1.8 meters in length. And a 9V/1A adapter is provided for safe plugging into an outlet. Also, it boasts high contrast and clear screen to offer an extremely eye-catching time.

Wrapping up

Digital wall clocks are excellent timepieces. Depending on the choice you go for, these clocks can give you the best of both worlds. Aside from telling the time, they are excellent pieces of décor in any room. We hope that our list helps you make the right buying decision and ultimately let you choose a unit based on your specific need.

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With sleek styling, easy-to-read displays and GPS/NTP synchronization, these LCD clocks offer a wireless, battery-operated alternative to electric digitals. Both wall-mounted styles are ideal in hospitals,classrooms, college lecture halls and the board room. Learn more.

2.5″ (6.35cm) 4
Part # 731000
6 Digit LCD
Part # 731001

Multi-Function LCD
Part # 732000

Mini Multi Function LCD
Part # 732001


2.5″ (6.35cm) 4 and 6 Digit LCD
4 Digit LCD – Part # 731000
6 Digit LCD – Part # 731001

  • Highly Visible LCD Display
  • Contemporary, Contoured Style
  • AM/PM Indicator
  • 12/24 hr. Display Format
  • Backlit Display
  • Battery Operated (4 D-Cell)
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

Multi-Function LCD
Part # 732000

  • Black, Wood Frame Construction
  • Large, Easily Viewable Display
  • Display features time, temperature, month, day and date
  • Temperature Displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 12/24 hr. Display Format
  • Battery Operated (4 C-Cell)
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

Mini Multi-Function LCD
Part # 732001

  • Attractive Frame with Stand
  • Clear Viewable Display
  • Display features Time, Temperature, Month, Day and Date
  • Temperature Displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 12/24 hr. Display Format
  • Battery Operated (2 C-Cell)
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

When electrical power is not available but the need for a digital time display is preferred over our standard analog time displays our digital LCD Clocks are the perfect solution. We have 4 different LCD displays. We offer a 2.5″ four digit LCD and a 2.5″ six digit LCD display.

The 2.5″ size digits provide for ideal viewing from a good distance away. The 2.5″ four digit clock shows the hour and minutes. Whereas, the 2.5″ six digit shows the hour, minutes and seconds. Both models operate on four standard C Cell batteries.

The multi-function LCD display clocks we offer are powered by standard C Cell batteries. We offer a large and a mini multi functional wall clock. The large multi function clock part # 732000 has a beautiful black frame providing a sleek state-of-art look. It displays time, temperature, day and date. The time can be displayed in twelve hour or in twenty four hour format. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Mini Multi-Function part # 732001 can be a wall clock or it can sit on a table or desk by using the built-in folding stand. It uses 2 C Cell batteries and has a battery life of at least 2 years. It has all the functionally of our large Multi-Function Clock but with a smaller footprint. This clock is ideal for offices, hospital environments, and conference rooms.

The clocks work on the KRONOsync clock system. The KRONOsync transmitter operates as the master clock wirelessly broadcasting time throughout your facility. As part of this system the LCD clocks will automatically adjust for daylight savings time. The KRONOsync clock system is flexible allowing for a variety of clocks to be added. This flexibility allows you to mix and match the type of clocks that would be appropriate for different areas of your facility.

The KRONOsync clock system is a wireless clock system. It operates on a highly efficient FCC licensed 467 MHz frequency. This frequency is ideal for penetrating walls and delivering complete coverage to an entire facility. The system offers a choice of different antennas if you need to cover a complete campus.

A wireless clock system is a clock system that can meet the current needs of an organization but also allows for future growth. Once the system is broadcasting the time a clock can be added to the system at anytime. All of our clocks are built with a receiver module so that once power is applied the clock automatically goes into its setup procedures. Once the startup procedures are completed the clock will receive the time code from the KRONOsync transmitter and it will display the correct time all the time.

Our specifications allow your architect and engineers to easily design the system into your building requirements. However, if you are not renovating a building and your old wired clock system is failing and synchronized timing throughout your facility is needed our KRONOsync system is perfect. Because of its wireless nature you can hang a clock anywhere within your facility.

The transmitter is plug n’ play. You determine the time source for the transmitter by choosing between NTP (Network Time Protocol) or GPS. The NTP time source is time from your existing Ethernet computer System. Simply plug the NTP receiver into the back of the transmitter and into your Ethernet network. The NTP will go out to an internet site and retrieve the time code.

The GPS time source is just as simple. The transmitter ships with a GPS receiver. The GPS receiver is the size of a hockey puck. It can be mounted to a window or outdoors on a pole. Mounting hardware which is included with the GPS option allows for multiple types of mounting.

Once you have a time source the transmitter will begin to broadcast the time throughout your facility.

Synchronized timing has many advantages for an organization and we are proud to offer a great selection of digital and analog clocks to choose from. The LCD Digital Display Clocks offers an exciting battery operated digital time solution for your organization.