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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

DEWALT Cutting and Pruning Tools. Cutting and pruning tools remove or trim trees and foliage to remove safety hazards from a landscape and keep it attractive and healthy. Chain saws, chain saw chains, and accessories can take down dead trees. Log splitters cut up downed trees for removal. DCPH820 Pole hedge trimmer head reaches up to 12 ft. and features a 22 in. Steel laser cut dual action blade for fast cutting with 2800 spm. Manufactured by DEWALT. 3 year limited warranty/1 year free service contract/90 day money back guarantee. While the blade is quieter and moves much more smoothly, the DeWalt 40V MAX. XR 22” Cordless Hedge Trimmer is noticeably bulkier than other trimmers with similar features. The blade’s shorter length, coupled with its nearly 12-pound weight, make it a less favorable option for those who find themselves easily fatigued during yard work. The top-selling product within DEWALT Trimmers is the DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer with (1) 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included. Explore More on Automotive Supplies and Tools.

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The new DeWalt folding string trimmer model DCST922B arrived at this branch of Home Fixated about the same time as the new Dewalt 20v Max pole hedge trimmer (review coming very soon). These tools represent a step forward in the outdoor cordless tool category. Both tools arrived in the depths of an Upstate NY winter, so it was some time before I got the opportunity to give the DeWalt folding string trimmer a good workout. Join me as I put this tool through some torture testing on the farm.

A Change in the Weather


In fact we had snow up through mid May here, then someone flipped a switch and we went to full on summer seemingly overnight. The change in weather provided favorable conditions for everything to grow. This was welcome in some respects as we were finally able to put the sheep on pasture, but we haven’t been successful at training them to eat under the hot wires on the fence lines or to trim around our trees or clear hillsides. That gave us the perfect opportunity to try the new 20v Max DeWalt folding string trimmer.

Are Battery Powered Outdoor Tools Practical?

Dewalt Tree Trimmer

I have been impressed with the advances in battery powered outdoor power equipment (OPE). I have never been a fan of the 2 stroke gasoline powered tools that dominated the outdoor power tool category for so long. The noise, smell and high level of maintenance were all factors that colored my negative impression. Then a few years back my kids graced me with a hedge trimmer and pole chainsaw that were battery powered and I had an epiphany regarding the utility of this type of tool.

Dewalt tree trimmer ebay

More recently I replaced my gas powered blower with the DeWalt 60v Flexvolt blower and acquired the aforementioned DeWalt 20v max pole hedge trimmer. After using the DeWalt folding string trimmer for just a short while I sold my gasoline powered trimmer and haven’t looked back. That said, join me for trip around the grounds with the DeWalt 20v Max folding string trimmer.

The Trimmer Story

The trimmer arrived in the middle of winter, but I was eager to get a look at it just the same. The contents of the box included the trimmer unit, neatly folded, a battery and a charger. The cutting head of the trimmer came preloaded with DeWalt’s proprietary cutting line, a .080 aerodynamic line optimized for maximized runtime that also optimizes performance and durability through a combination of flexible and impact resistant materials. More on this material later.


The trimmer features a 20 volt brushless motor and a two speed switch that offers performance and runtime management. There is also a variable speed trigger that provides precise power control. The lockout button on the side of the handle was conveniently located and easier to use than ones found on other power tools I have used. Because the motor is brushless, it provides cooler operation and longer battery life during use.

Features & Specs on the DeWalt Folding String Trimmer DCST922B:

• Folding hinge to fit into small storage spaces**
• Reduced length when folded for easy transportation**
• 14 in. swath for a wide cutting area
• Durability even in the thick brush
• Choose between performance and runtime with variable-speed trigger
• Wind new line fast with QuickLoad™ Spool
• Control power level with Hi/Lo speed control switch
• Cutting Swath 14 in
• Feed Type Bump Feed
• Line Diameter .080 in
• rpm 4600/6000 rpm
• Weight without Batteries 7.9 lbs

I found the folding feature on this trimmer allowed for more convenient transport and storage. Once the shaft was locked into place there was no play in the joint at all, the shaft was ridged and felt solid. Folded, it was an easy matter to hang it up out of the way.

Practical Applications for the DeWalt Folding String Trimmer

Dewalt 20v Tree Saw

We have numerous applications for a string trimmer on the property. We use it to keep the electric fence line clear of weeds and grasses that can diminish the voltage of the fence. We have several drainages that need to be kept relatively clear, primarily to facilitate flow, but also for the esthetics. There are a few areas around the sheep barn and the pond that are so steep a string trimmer is the only practical tool to clear them. Given the many areas a string trimmer is needed, it is necessary for us to have a reliable and robust trimmer. The DeWalt 20v Max folding string trimmer has been more than up to the task.

DeWalt Replacement Line

The line that comes preloaded on this trimmer is a .080 diameter line that really impressed me with its durability. We were using this trimmer in some very heavily overgrown areas, against fence posts and in spots where heavy shrubbery had been recently removed. When faced with objects that would have shattered the string on our gas trimmer, the DeWalt replacement line just kept on going. But, inevitably the string that came on the unit finally ran out. I was able to purchase 225 feet of replacement at The Home Depot for under $13.

Dewalt Electric Tree Trimmer

Get Reloaded Fast

Dewalt Tree Trimmer


I was expecting the usual nightmare associated with reloading the line that I have always experienced with other trimmers. Fortunately for me, my wife actually read the instructions. The first step was as simple as cutting 20’ from the replacement spool. Next you align the two marks on the spool housing and winding collar. Next you thread the line through to the other side of the head and pull until you have equal amounts on either side of the head. Finally you hold the housing with one hand and turn the winding collar counter clockwise until you have about 5” on either side of the housing. It really couldn’t be easier, a really brilliant design.

Final Impressions on the DeWalt Folding String Trimmer

Dewalt Tree Trimmer Ebay

I am flat out delighted with this trimmer, it does everything the old 2 stroke unit did without the noise, mess and stench. Battery life is pretty good, but if you have a lot to do it’s best to have an additional battery available. However, for trimming around a yard, even a big one, it’s unlikely you’ll run one down. We worked this unit hard and found battery life to be about the same as a tank of gas in the old trimmer. Best of all, it’s a snap to reload, and folds up for easy storage. The DeWalt 20v Max folding line trimmer with 5ah battery and charger is available wherever DeWalt outdoor tools are sold for about $199.00.

Dewalt Electric Tree Pruning Saw

You can find the DeWalt folding string trimmer DCST922B (tool only) for around $149: