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Posted : admin On 1/24/2022

Echo vs Stihl trimmer: which one is the winner? In fact, nothing is the best here because every tool has its own pros and cons.

Echo weed wacker head

We bet that you are confused by which one to purchase between these two products. In our opinion, the decision is based on your purpose of using the trimmer. Above all, you should pay attention to their own features to decide your future weed eater.

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Echo Grass Trimmers

  • Echo Vs Stihl Trimmer: Which Features Distinguish Them?
  • How To Choose A Suitable String Trimmer?

Echo Vs Stihl Trimmer: Which Features Distinguish Them?

There are six main factors that help us differentiate between the Echo vs Stihl trimmer so that you can easily opt for one that suits your needs.


Needless to say, whether you can complete your tasks rapidly and effectively or not is based on the power transformation of your trimmer.

When it comes to enormous power, the Stihl trimmers are always the best bet. Today, while the Echo trimmers offer only four sizes: 21.2, 22.8, 25.4, and 28.1 cc, the Stihl line even widens the options with 24.1, 27.2, 28.4, 31.4, 36.3, and 37.7 cc. Wow! Such huge powerheads!

Wadoy 12 Inch Steel Trimmer Head for Weed Eater, 3 Teeth Heave Duty Steel Brush Cutter for Echo and Most Straight Shaft Trimmer 3.9 out of 5 stars 42 $11.87 $ 11.

The ECHO 58-Volt Cordless String Trimmer features a brushless motor designed to deliver greater power, run time and durability. Equipped with a variable speed trigger, high/low speed switch and a 14 in. Adjustable cutting swath, users have the power to choose between more powerful cutting and longer run time. How to restring an Echo weedwacker.

ECHO trimmer heads have been designed for dependability and convenience above all else. Built with tough, robust materials for daily commercial application. 2 Line Rapid Loader Easy loading trimmer line head. 3 Line Rapid Loader 50% more cutting ability than 2 line for tougher jobs. Designed for professional landscapers ECHO's X Series SRM-2620T has more torque and better cutting performance to power through clearing away tough weeds and tall grass.

However, high power doesn’t mean it is impeccable. In fact, some parts of these trimmers cause users a bit nuisance. They are pretty heavy, so they can be harder to use. Also, it’s highly advised that you wear a full face shield to ensure your safety. But if you intend to proceed with more demanding jobs, the Stihl weed eater is a must!


Easy application is always one of the main targets that these two brands set their eyes on. They all have the on/off switch and throttle triggers at the same location, including the same comfortable circular handles. But the Stihl trimmers are proven to be more substantial than the Echo ones that can make many people unpleasant.

As far as we’ve known, the Echo trimmers come at 10.1-13.5 lbs, while the Stihl models weigh about 9.3-15.9 lbs. Despite their heftier weight, the Stihl brand tries to create a strap clipping onto the shaft and the most pleasant bike handle.

On average, the Echo line trimmers are about a half-pound lighter than the Stihl, most likely boiled down to the size of the Stihl power plants. Hence, the Echo models are easier to handle than the Stihl.

Noise Output

Generally, the noise output is an unavoidable effect in every trimmer. The matter is then related to the loudness of the noise.

When being compared to the Echo line, the Stihl is still far behind. To be specific, the Echo products usually generate the noise from 76 to 100 Db(A), whereas that of the Stihl models is kept at 80 and 106 Db(A). That is to say when operated; the Stihl trimmers are significantly noisier than the Echo ones.

Battery Life

In terms of cordless trimmers, the longer battery life is on the Echo models. The detail is below!

For illustration, the Stihl HSA 56 is designed to be lightweight and easy to apply. This product comes with the 36v battery for use in about 40 minutes. Nevertheless, the drawback is that it will be recharged up to 45 minutes, which is more than the used time.

Echo Weed Wacker Head

Meanwhile, the Echo 58-volt trimmer, which has two amps per hour battery, has the used time for about 3 hours. Plus, you can get an extra recharge just within half an hour. If you get an enormous battery, it will take more time to charge, but still with longer run time.

Intrinsically, the amount of time you can use the trimmer directly relies on the amount of its work. For instance, the thicker the weeds and grass are, the more power the weed eater will consume. In general, the Echo trimmer is always the best option for you if you have to finish a time-demanding job.


Echo Weed Wacker Attachments

The fifth factor that distinguishes these two products is the safety level. To the best of our knowledge, there are more safety characteristics in the Stihl models than those of the Echo ones. The Stihl is towards absolute safety, which is a good thing.

We can highly claim that the Stihl is concerned about your well-being status during the task; that’s why it goes with an upgraded safety switch. Typically, this product’s safety feature is the 3-stage safety switch, including the throttle trigger, top trigger, and thumb switch. Of course, you should choose one of these modes before turning on the trimmer.

About the Echo, this trimmer also offers some decent whistles and bells to ensure your safety. To be specific, while turning off the other safety trigger, you need to press on a particular switch on the trimmer’s handhold. However, it isn’t straightforward for the first time using. Thus, Stihl products are clearly safer than the Echo ones.


As you already know, the Echo vs Stihl trimmers belongs to the famous, commercial-grade brands. When mentioning the affordable products, the Echo creates six models, including a one-straight shaft model, and the Stihl has three options. In other words, the Stihl offers fewer affordable products but at a more reasonable price than the Echo.

Moreover, the Stihl models supply lots of high-end products at a higher price than the Echo. Of course, the most robust Stihl model comes in 9.6 cc, which is larger than that of the Echo.

As you know, everything has its own price! If you have enough money to pay for a high-end trimmer, go for the Stihl. Vice versa, if you are on a tight budget, the Echo still brings you standard products and meets your basic needs.


Here is the last factor, the warranty! Actually, the Echo weed eaters offer a 5-year residential warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty; the Stihl only has a 2-year assurance for residents or commerce use. And as many people are likely to buy a trimmer for their house with more than a 2-year warranty, the odds are that Echo products have the edge over those of Stihl in this matter.

How To Choose A Suitable String Trimmer?


Power Source


A line trimmer can be powered by gas, battery or corded electricity.

Corded-electric models are the cheapest type. It is only suitable if you own a long cord and an outlet outside. So, if you have to trim a large area (more than 100 feet), we highly suggest you opt for other types.

Battery-powered lawn mowers seem to start immediately and operate in silence. But every cordless trimmer brand has different batteries. If you possess this trimmer, you should buy batteries from the same brand so that the machine can run on power sources explicitly made for them and have their efficiency maximized.

The last one is the gas-powered trimmers, which are the most popular. Despite their loud noise, as long as being filled with fuel, they are full of power and can handle almost everything.

The Gap

Echo Weed Wacker String Replacement

We want you to notice the cutting head of the trimmer.

There is a high possibility that tall grass will get stuck around the shaft if you see a wide gap. Therefore, a model with a small gap is highly recommended to remove the weeds quickly.


If you have ever used a line trimmer, you may acknowledge that it can easily scratch your skin and fly debris around during the process. It would help if you opted for a model with standard safety guards, including a shield (to hinder debris from flying around) and a cutting guard (to protect plantings).

Final Words

Echo Weed Wacker Srm-210

In short, the Echo vs Stihl trimmer could be apparently distinguished through these factors above. To put it another way, you had better take these elements into account before deciding what to purchase. This way, you will get the desired weed eater that satisfies your demands.

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