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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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Edgit Pro String Trimmer Attachment for Stihl Trimmers 4.0 out of 5 stars 31. Fullyy Trimmer Head Cutter,Grass Steel Blades Razors,Trimmer Head 6 Steel. The EDGIT PRO™; converts your existing trimmer into a walk-behind edger. The disc holds your trimmer line in the best position for crisp, clean edges. This setup works great on curved edges. The EDGIT PRO™; installs quickly and easily. In the horizontal trimming position, it creates an upward draft.


The Edgit Company was founded in March of 1994 by its CEO Steve Byrne. After a 15 year career in owning his own lawn maintenance business, he discovered a solution to a time-consuming problem.

Edgit pro trimmerEdgit

His employees spent countless hours edging the same sidewalks, mulch beds and curbs over and over to no avail. The Edgit Pro and then Edgit were created to be the all-purpose answer to the predicament of creating straight edges with a string trimmer. The Edgit Pro was first created to be utilized by the hard working Lawn professionals, whereas the Edgit was designed to be used by the everyday lawn owner.




Edgit Pro 1001

Edgit Pro Echo

  • The Edgit Pro attaches to Echo Straight Shaft Trimmers to guide trimming and edging.
  • Attaches in places of standard plastic guard.
  • Indicates where the trimmer string is cutting and holds the groove along sidewalks
  • 14″ disk guides trimmer to produce cleaner edges on mulch beds, curbs and sidewalks
  • Fixed disc protects string and fences from damage
  • Note: This model only fits Echo SRM straight shaft trimmers. It does NOT fit any other brand. If you own a different brand please call us directly.

Edge It


Additional information

Edgit Pro String Trimmer Attachment

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 2 in