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  • Electronic Displays digital world clocks are made from high quality materials for precise functionality and longevity. All of our digital world clocks have a super bright display using light emitting diodes (LEDs). These digital world clocks are available in both standard and military formats.
  • The largest and oldest of its kind ever made, this remarkable and rare 22-module time tower was created by Patek Philippe of Geneva. Part of the highly regarded and technologically advanced Patek Philippe Electronic Clock System, this time tower was specially crafted for the Parliament Building in Bern/Switzerland.

Digital electronic time zone displays are very popular with government and companies with more than one office across the country or around the world. Hospitals, Universities and Schools use wireless clocks as the preferred method of providing synchronized clocks, without the need to run sync wire.

In digital audio electronics, a word clock or wordclock (sometimes sample clock, which can have a broader meaning)[further explanation needed] is a clock signal used to synchronise other devices, such as digital audio tape machines and compact disc players, which interconnect via digital audio signals. Word clock is so named because it clocks each audio sample. Samples are represented in data words.

S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT, and TDIF are some of the formats that use a word clock. Various audio over Ethernet systems use communication protocols to distribute word clock. The device which generates the word clock is the only master clock source for all the slave audio devices.

Comparison to timecode[edit]

Word clock should not be confused with timecode; word clock is used entirely to keep a perfectly timed and constant bitrate to avoid timing errors that can cause data transmission errors. Timecode is metadataabout the media data being transmitted. Time code can be used as an initial phase reference for jam sync using the word clock as the frequency reference.

Over coax cable[edit]

Professional digital audio equipment may have a word clock input or output to synchronize timing between multiple devices. Although the electrical characteristics of the word clock signal have not been completely standardized, some characteristics should always apply. Items that should remain consistent are TTL level, a 75ohm output impedance, 75ohm cables and a 75ohm terminating resistor at the end of a chain or cable.

Proper termination of the word clock signal with a 75ohm resistor is important. It prevents the clock signal from reflecting back into the cable and causing false detection of extra 1's and 0's. Some digital equipment includes a switchable terminator, some include a hardwired terminator and others have no terminator at all. The unfortunate part is that some equipment manuals do not indicate whether a hardwired terminator is included or not.[1]

The chain connection from the source (master) to the receivers (slaves) may increase jitter. Using clock distributing devices for parallel transmission is a better way. The length and quality of coaxial cables are important.

Over AES3[edit]

The AES11 standard defines a means for carrying a word clock over an AES3 connection. In this context, the word clock is known as a Digital Audio Reference Signal (DARS).

Electronic World Clock

Electronic World Clock

In annex B, the AES11 standard also describes common practice in transmitting and receiving a plain word clock signal. This is not an attempt to standardize it, the annex is informative only.

Electronic Chess Clock World Championship

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Electronic World Clock
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Electronic World Clock Time Zones Current Time


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Electronic World Clock Time Zones Current Time


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World Time Clock

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