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TCM21 – Logopack FM21 / FM2021 Download the TCM21 Logopack, megapack of more than 61.700 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2021! This is the 8th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager. Their standard reply to anyone asking about FM2021 is always 'There are a few things that haven't been finalised as yet (Stadia being one). Keep an eye on our social channels for updates over the coming weeks.' Not sure whether its cancelled or just launching later.

Since the initial announcement for Football Manager 2021, there has been some confusion around whether this year’s edition of the fan favourite footy sim will actually release on Stadia. It was a big deal when Football Manager 2020 hit the streaming platform, and it’s been a bigger deal that there’s been no outright confirmation about FM 2021’s release.

Fear not, tactical masters, because the German rating board for video games (USK) has rated Football Manager 2021, and specifically for Google’s Stadia platform.

The rating doesn’t reveal any new details, obviously, but it paints a clear picture and confirms that Football Manager 2021 will get a release on Stadia. Now we just have to wait for Google to flip the switch so we can hit the play button and get stuck in.

Football Manager 2021 will release on November 24th for PC, but will Stadia get the same release date? The game doesn’t show as a pre-order or “coming soon” title on the Stadia store, so fingers crossed we’re just being kept waiting until the last moment.

Source: USK

The management simulation is debuting on a whole new platform in 2019, with anticipation building ahead of its release

Football Manager 2020 launches in November 2019, meaning the popular management simulation game will soon be dominating computer screens across the world.

Fm 2021 stadia free

It will be released on PC and Mac as usual, but, according to the game's developers, the best experience of playing the game will be available to those who choose to do so on Google Stadia.

Ahead of the big launch, Goal brings you everything you need to know about Football Manager on Google Stadia.

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Fm2021 Stadia

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a new console-less gaming platform which allows players to stream games online.


Stadia can be played directly through the web browser Google Chrome or on a TV or Pixel mobile device using a Chromecast device.

How can I play Football Manager 2020 on Google Stadia?

Football Manager 2020 was confirmed as one of the inaugural launch titles for Google Stadia so will be downloadable and streamable on the service.

It is one of a limited number of titles that will be playable on the platform, joining the likes of Destiny 2 and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

The people behind the Football Manager series have themselves indicated that Stadia will facilitate the fastest and best possible experience of their latest release.

A Sports Interactive press release stated: 'Football Manager on Stadia includes technology that is only available on that platform, utilizing the power of the cloud and Google’s data centers to ensure that more matches can be processed in parallel utilizing spare bandwidth across the whole system.

'This means you can have more leagues loaded into your save, or just go for a faster experience by keeping the amount of leagues the same, but having the matches process quicker than you can on any other platform.'

However, it should be noted that in order to get the best experience of Stadia, it is recommended that you use an internet connection with a minimum of 10 Mbps.

How much will Football Manager 2020 cost for Google Stadia?

As a launch title, it is possible that Football Manager 2020 will be one of the free games available to play on Google Stadia for those who purchase a subscription.

However, game prices have not yet been confirmed by Sports Interactive or Google.

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The Founders edition offer of Google Stadia subscription is sold out, but the Premiere edition is available to pre-order at a cost of £119 in the UK or $129 in the US.

Both offers include a three months free Stadia Pro subscription and it is £8.99 ($9.99) a month thereafter.

The price of the PC/Mac version of FM 20 is £39.99 (or £35.99 if you pre-purchase via Steam).

When is Football Manager 2020 released?

Football Manager 2020 launches on November 19, 2019, in tandem with the official launch of Google Stadia.

The beta version of FM 20 was available to play earlier from October 31 for those who pre-purchased the game through Steam.

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