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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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FIFA 21 may have been available for less than a week, but it's already on sale.

Xbox 2021 Console

There are some excellent gaming deals across Amazon this Prime Day, with savings to be made across the board.

  • Football Manager 2021 is a historic release for us as a studio. We’re bringing FM to more platforms than ever before and giving more people the chance to manage their favourite club – whether.
  • 7 months 0 SEGA has revealed Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, a specifically-designed version of the annual simulator series for Microsoft’s console. Revealed through a press release, this specifically designed console version of.

So what? Well with so many of these deals perfect for football fans - including offers on FIFA 21, PES and the consoles that you play them on, now might be the best time for you to either get into that game you've been meaning to or just, you know, get into gaming.

And while a PlayStation or Xbox might be the start of a new hobby, it's also a great way to watch all the football with BT and Sky apps. We've rounded up the best of the TV deals too, so be sure to check that out.

Times are hard - but there are plenty of reductions across Amazon over the next couple of days.

1. Xbox One S 1TB, White Xbox Controller, 1 month Xbox Game Pass and 14 days Xbox Live Gold - plus FIFA 21 Champions Edition

Football Manager 2021 has been a huge success following its release back in November. And if you're yet to get in on the act, then now is the time to do so. The world’s favourite football management game returns to console for the first time in over a decade. Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition thrusts you onto the big stage with a bespoke version of the game carefully crafted for effortless performance with the Xbox controller.

Amazon Prime Day deal price: £249.99 RRP: £324.81

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Reddit

FIFA 21 has just been released and if you don't even have a console - and you're wondering what all the fun is about - this is one deal that you won't want to miss.

This deal includes FIFA itself, a console to play it on, along with a controller and online access so you can play your mates who also have Xboxes. And though is the last in the current generation of the console, it's no slouch.

The Xbox One S is the only console with 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR, not to mention the fact that you can stream 4K video from Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify and Youtube.

If you've never had a console - or you'd like to get one now but you're not sure you can commit the budget that a fifth-generation Xbox will be - this is the deal for you.

2. FIFA 21 + 1050 FUT Points

Amazon Prime Day deal price: £49.99 Bundle price: £56.98

Did you wait to buy FIFA 21? You probably made a very good call, given that this exception deal is on less than a week after the release of the game.

On Amazon Prime Day, you can get 1050 FUT points included in your purchase of the game itself. That's ordinarily worth another £7.99.

FUT points can be used to buy packs in Ultimate Team, which in turn contain players. So rather than playing with the Bronze-rated ballers that you inherit in your side, you can give yourself a headstart with some talent.

This deal is available for both Xbox and PS4, too. Win!

3. eFootball PES 2021 Season Update


Amazon Prime Day deal price: £19.99 RRP: £24.99

At just £19.99, the latest edition of PES is cheaper than it's ever been.

For that, you get a proper Juventus on the game too, as indicated by Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover not wearing a Piemonte Calcio top. The classic graphics and gameplay of Pro Evo are there in full glory.

This is just a Season Update - no big, new version of the game with added modes this time around. If you're looking for a budget football game though - or you just fancy seeing what the PES hype is about - now's the best time to delve into this world.

Oh, and did we mention the exclusive Euro 2020 content? Official content is included at launch in PES 2021, featuring an offline Tournament Mode, all 55 UEFA national teams, Wembley Stadium and more. A bargain to buy now ready for a (hopefully) lockdown-free summer next year!

4. Football Manager 2020 PC DVD

Amazon Prime Day deal price: £14.99 RRP: £21.46

With 30% off the last edition of Football Manager, now's your best time to rewind the past 12 months and play out the season as it should have been.

No pandemic. No behind closed doors. This is football as it should be at boardroom level, where your biggest concerns are keeping your squad motivated and just how you're going to be able to afford that new forward to push you onto European glory.

FM is an absolute staple for the modern football fan. A scouting tool, a simulation of our heroes - it's far more than just a computer game.

Last season FFT led Bordeaux to multiple titles and Champions League glory, establishing a new dynasty in French football. Football Manager 2020? Completed it.


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Football Manager 2021 will be releasing for PC on November 24, and will also be coming out on Xbox some time before the end of the year.

This will be the first time that a Football Manager game has come out on an Xbox console in over a decade, and this year you’ll be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program. The program will allow you to purchase the game once on the Windows 10 Store or the Xbox Store, then use the same save game across any platform included in the Xbox ecosystem, including the next generation of Xbox consoles, while only paying for the game once.

Although there isn’t a set release date for the game on Xbox, it will be optimised for controllers according to the game’s developer, Sports Interactive.

In addition, the mobile versions of the game will be releasing at some point this year as well. Football Manager 2021 Touch will be available as a standalone game on Steam and the Epic Store, and will be free for anyone who purchases Football Manager 2021 on PC. If you’re exclusively a mobile gamer, you can purchase the mobile version on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch when they release.

If you don’t want to wait, you can also pre-order the game for 10% off from one of SEGA's approved retailers, and doing so will allow you to play the game two weeks before it officially launches.

All of this is big news for fans of the franchise, and seeing as we loved last year's game, you can be sure to read about any new information the game gets here on Jump Dash Roll!