How Do I Know If Someone Is Using My Ip Address

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I have a printer with a fixed IP address. This morning it reported that the IP address was being used elsewhere on the network. I unplugged the printer and pinged the ip address and sure enough there was a response. I don't know what device is using this ip address. I am able to get the mac address, but this is all. Type the command 'ping -a' followed by the IP address in the command prompt window. For example, if the IP address you identified previously is ',' you would run this command: ping -a Step 2 Look at the output of the command.

We've encountered a wide range of questions and assumptions about what information you can find regarding an IP address. We decided to go ahead and create a detailed guide on the IP address information overview.

IP Address basics

At its core, an IP address is quite similar to a physical street address. It allows other devices to identify and connect to the device at the IP address. Perhaps without you realizing it, your web browser has connected to multiple IP addresses in order for you to read this post and you are using multiple IP addresses yourself.

Types of IP Addresses

IPv4 vs IPv6 Addresses

When most of us starting connecting to this amazing thing we call the Internet, we were all using IPv4 addresses. An IPv4 address looks something like and there are 4,294,967,296 (2^32) addresses in total. When originally deployed in 1983, it was assumed that 4.2 billion IP addresses would be more than sufficient for us to use. Turn the clock to 2020 and we've exhausted all 4.2 billion IPv4 addresses.

Starting in the late 1990s, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) began addressing the impending IPv4 address exhaustion and created IPv6. While your typical IPv4 address looks like, an IPv6 address looks like 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329. The biggest and most important difference is that IPv6 allows us to go from 4.2 billion addresses to 340,300,...,000 (2^128) addresses. In case you were wondering, that's called 340 Undecillion.

While IPv6 should allow for every single internet-connected device its own IP address for the foreseeable future, IPv6 and IPv4 are not compatible so the adoption has been slower than IETF and others had hoped for. We could do an entire post on that alone.

Dynamic vs Static IP Addresses

Because the transition to IPv6 has been slow, most of us are using dynamic IP addresses. This means that your phone, router, etc may have its IP address changed periodically. When this happens you don't even notice. Unless you're hosting a server this doesn't impact you. If you stumbled upon this because you are hosting a server and your dynamic IP address makes it hard for people to connect to you, check out a Dynamic DNS service such as

Some people (and typically businesses) have what's called a static IP address. While a dynamic IP address may change, a static IP address does not. The pros and cons of a dynamic vs static IP address are another topic we could make an entire post on.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Using My Ip Address

Public vs Private IP Addresses

While most IP addresses are public, meaning that people from all over the world can connect to it (just like you connected to a number of IP addresses to read this post), there are some ranges that have been set aside for private use. The best example is if you have a router you connect your phone or computer to. The private IP ranges for IPv4 are: – – –

If you have a router, you can have and I can have the same address.

Full IP address information

The reason that our amazing customers use IPinfo is because of the incredible information you can learn about a single IP address. Using our basic service, I looked up my IP address as I was writing this at Starbucks (Trenta water with either a Grande Americano or Grande Caramel Machiatto in case you're wondering) and this is what our services at IPinfo provided:

The Basics - Geolocation

Most of this information is straight forward, I want to make note that if you look up the latitude/longitude listed, you won't find a Starbucks on the map. Why is that? IP address geolocation is aimed at city or postal code level, not at the exact physical location.


With an ASN you can learn when it was allocated ownership of the IP, how many IPs they own, their main domain, business name, and what type of entity they are.

Hosting Data

More information about who is hosting/providing this IP address

Company Data

Exactly what you think it is

Privacy API

This service allows you to learn whether or not the IP address in question is likely coming from a provider that is providing privacy services to the actual end user. IP address:

Abuse Contact API

Is this API address engaging in some type of abuse, such as hacking, hosting copyrighted material, etc? You can quickly find out who to contact to report this behavior.

Common Questions on IP Information

The most common questions we see around learning about an IP address are:

Q: How do I look up information on a specific IP address?
A: That's exactly what IPinfo is all about. Once you create an account, you can use our web-based tool in your account at Simply type in the IP address and we'll take care of the rest.

Q: How someone can use IP address information? What can someone do with your IP address?
A: We have amazing customers doing some incredible things with this information, from providing geo-specific content to security research to learning more about their customers and habits based on location.

Q: Can I track the physical location of my phone or an individual person based on their IP address?
A: In short, no, not really. You can get a general idea of where your phone is, but to track it down to the table it is sitting on is not really feasible. For those of you like myself who value privacy, this should come as a relief.

If you have more questions regarding IP address information, we'd love to hear there. We are constantly learning and developing incredible tools to help our customers makes the most of the Internet and the data out there. We'd love to see what ideas you have.

27 Dec 2010

Many people on the internet ask this question, so today; I am going to answer it for once and for all.

So… Can people find out who you are through your IP Address? The simple answer is yes. But first, let’s understand what an IP Address is, the different types of IP Addresses, and then how people can find out your home address through your IP.

What Is An IP Address?

Under IPv4, an IP Address is a bunch of numbers that is in the format of XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. For example: However, since the world is running short of IP Addresses (we’ll probably run out by the end of 2011), IPv6 has been created in which IP Addresses are displayed as group of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons. For example: 2001:db8:1f70::999:de8:7648:6e8. For more information about IPv6, visit Wikipedia.

What are IP Addresses Used For?

IP Addresses are used to connect computers to each other. For example, your ISP will assign you either a static or dynamic IP Address which you will use to connect your computer or home network to the internet. If your home network has more than one computer in it, your ISP will not assign each of your computers an IP Address. Your router will assign each computer in your network a LAN IP. This IP Address is a little different as it will usually start with a 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x.

Static IP? Dynamic IP? What’s the Difference?

What Can You Do With Someones Ip

Basically a Static IP Address never changes, whereas a Dynamic IP Address does change. Businesses usually require a static IP Address so they can host servers such as web servers, so when you visit a domain name, the DNS server (Domain Name Server) finds out what the IP Address is and directs you to that server. Imagine if you had a dynamic IP Address that always changes, you wouldn’t be able to locate that server or website.

Most residential customers will be assigned dynamic IP Addresses by their ISP. The reason being is that they don’t need to run servers and it’s easier to manage.

What’s better – Dynamic or Static?

It’s really depends on what you require as each have their pro’s and con’s. For example, if you want to host a web server, a static IP Address will be better suited, but a dynamic IP will be better if you constantly get blocked by a firewall as you can reset your modem and get a new IP Address and re-access the site. But you can’t do that with a static IP Address as your IP Address remains the same.

So can people find out my home address through my IP Address?

If someone wants to find out where you live, first, they will need to know your IP Address and the date and time when you accessed something (it’s easy to get, read below). Every time you visit a website, the website would probably record your IP Address. That being said, to identify you from the other 10000 visitors can be a bit tricky, so if you log into an account, they will most probably have your username or address recorded so they can associate your account details to your IP Address.

But by someone just having your IP Address, it is possible to track down who you are from your IP Address, but for privacy issues, not many people can do it. If someone wants to find your address, they will need a court order or a warrant to access the information from your ISP. With this, your the ISP can lookup who used what particularly ISP at a given time and date. They will then look up your billing and account details to find out what address you have.

Also, each ISP and countries are assigned with a particular IP range, thus you can use services like Trasir to find out who your ISP is and what country and region you are from.

So that is how people can find your address from your IP Address. Please keep in mind, to find legally get your personal details from your IP Address, they will need to go through some form of court order to receive permission to get these details.

Please be aware, that there maybe people who work with these agencies (ISP, Police etc) that may be able to attain these details through inside information.

So Where Do I Find My IP Address? What is my IP?

It is very easy to find your IP Address, and if I go to a services like it will get my IP Address for me and display it. When you visit it on another computer on another network, it will show you your IP Address you are using to connect to the internet. Other services like You Get Signal will show a geophysical map of your location in which your IP Address is assigned, which can be used as an extremely useful tool to track IP Addresses and to trace IP locations.

IP Addresses Can Be Disguised

What Happens If Someone Knows My Ip

It is important to note, that IP addresses can be spoofed. Someone in one country, can mask their IP address to show that they are in another country. When someone does this, it makes it much more difficult to track where that person is actually located. I suggest you read “How To Use a Fake IP Address & Mask Yourself Online” and “6 Tips On How To Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall“.