How To Check Device Ip

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

IPhone and iPad To find this information on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running Apple’s iOS, first head to Settings Wi-Fi. Tap the “i” icon to the right of any Wi-Fi connection. You’ll see the IP address and other network details here. Click the Windows Start button, then 'All Programs' and 'Accessories.' Right-click on 'Command Prompt' and choose 'Run as Administrator.' Type 'nslookup%ipaddress%' in the black box that appears on the screen, substituting%ipaddress% with the IP address for which you want to find the hostname. Click the “ Network ” icon on the “ System Preferences ” dialog box. On the “ Network ” dialog box, select the connected type of network on the left, such as “ Wi-Fi ” or “ Ethernet “. Then, click “ Advanced “. Click the “ TCP/IP ” tab on the “ Wi-Fi ” screen. You’ll find your router’s IP address next to “ Router “.


The Devices feature provides additional details into the devices you manage, including their hardware and the apps installed.

This article shows you how to view all your devices, and their properties in the Azure portal.

View the device details

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. Select Devices > All devices > select one of your listed devices to open its details:

    • Overview shows the device name, and lists some key properties of the device, like whether it's a personal or corporate device, serial number, primary user, and more. You can do the following on the device (depending on the device platform):
      • Restart (Windows only)
      • Fresh Start (Windows only)
      • Autopilot reset (Windows only)
      • Quick scan (Windows 10 only)
      • Full scan (Windows 10 only)
    • Use Properties to assign a device category you create, and change ownership of the device to a personal device, or a corporate device.
    • Hardware includes many details about the device, like the device ID, operating system and version, storage space, and more details.
    • Discovered apps lists all the apps that Intune found installed on the device, and the app versions. For more information, see Intune discovered apps.
    • Device compliance lists all assigned compliance policies, and if the device is compliant or not compliant.
    • Device configuration shows all device configuration policies assigned to the device, and if the policy succeeded or failed.
    • App configuration
    • Endpoint security configuration
    • Recovery keys shows available BitLocker keys found for the device
    • Managed apps lists all the managed apps that Intune configured and has deployed to the device.

Hardware device details

Depending on the carrier used by the devices, not all details might be collected



Hardware and Software inventory is refreshed in the Intune service every 7 days.

NameThe name of the device.Windows, iOS, Android
Management nameThe device name used only in the console. Changing this name won't change the name on the device.Windows, iOS, Android
UDIDThe device's Unique Device identifier.Windows, iOS
Intune Device IDA GUID that uniquely identifies the device.Windows, iOS, Android
Serial numberThe device's serial number from the manufacturer.Windows, iOS, Android
Shared deviceIf Yes, the device is shared by more than one user.Windows, iOS
User approved enrollmentIf Yes, then the device has user approved enrollment that lets admins manage certain security settings on the device.Windows, iOS
Operating systemThe operating system used on the device.Windows, iOS, Android
Operating system versionThe version of the operating system on the device.Windows, iOS, Android
Operating system languageThe language set for the operating system on the device.Windows, iOS,Android
Build numberThe operating system's build number.Android
Security patch levelThe security patch level for the device.Android
Total storage spaceThe total storage space on the device (in gigabytes).Windows, iOS
Free storage spaceThe unused storage space on the device (in gigabytes).Windows, iOS
PowerPrecision+ Battery HealthState-of-Health rating as determined by Zebra (PowerPrecision+ batteries only).Android
PowerPrecision Battery Charge Cycles ConsumedNumber of full charge cycles consumed as determined by Zebra (PowerPrecision batteries only).Android
Last Battery Check-inDate of last check-in for battery last found in the device as determined by Zebra (PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries only).Android
Battery Serial NumberSerial number of the battery pack last found in the device as determined by Zebra (PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries only).Android
IMEIThe device's International Mobile Equipment Identity.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
MEIDThe device's mobile equipment identifier.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
ManufacturerThe manufacturer of the device.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
ModelThe model of the device.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Phone numberThe phone number assigned to the device.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Subscribe carrierThe device's wireless carrier.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Cellular technologyThe radio system used by the device.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Wi-Fi MACThe device's Media Access Control address.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
ICCIDThe Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, which is a SIM card's unique identification number.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
ICCID isn't inventoried on Android Enterprise Dedicated, Fully Managed, or Corporate-Owned Work Profile devices.
EIDThe eSIM identifier, which is a unique identifier for the embedded SIM (eSIM) for cellular devices that have an eSIM.iOS/iPadOS
Enrolled dateThe date and time that the device was enrolled in Intune.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Last contactThe date and time that the device last connected to Intune.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Activation lock bypass codeThe code that can be used to disable the activation lock.iOS
Azure AD registeredIf Yes, the device is registered with Azure Directory.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
Intune registeredIf Yes, the device is registered with IntuneWindows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
ComplianceThe device's compliance state.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
EAS activatedIf Yes, then the device is synchronized with an Exchange mailbox.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
EAS activation IDThe device's Exchange ActiveSync identifier.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
SupervisedIf Yes, administrators have enhanced control over the device.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android
EncryptedIf Yes, the data stored on the device is encrypted.Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Android


For Windows 10 devices that are registered with Windows Autopilot service, Enrolled date might display the time when devices were registered with Autopilot instead of the time when they were enrolled.

Next steps

See what else you can do to manage your devices with Intune.


After running a scan, you might see devices connected to your network you cannot identify. Make sure your home is secure with these easy steps.

Check if the device belongs to your family

Each device can be identified with its IP or MAC address.

Check the device IP/MAC address.

How To Check Device Id

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Check if it matches with what is shown in the app.

If the addresses are the same, it means that it is one of your devices.

Prevent unknown devices connecting to your network

How To Check Iphone Device Id

  • Update your default Wi-Fi SSID.
  • Update your Wi-Fi password with a stronger one.
  • Disable WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) through your router’s admin console.