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For example, on the PowerPoint, there will be one slide but with multiple lines of text that show up when the lecturer hits next. In notability, it ends up being a separate slide with the new text added instead of just all on one slide like it would if you physically printed the PowerPoint. You can use it on Google Slides or PowerPoint, or you can save it as PDF and use it with apps such as, Good Notes or Notability in your iPad. DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT. OPEN IN GOOGLE SLIDES. Have you seen these? Sebastian, an under the sea template for Google Slides or PowerPoint. Has anyone had issues with importing PowerPoints into Notability? I use blackboard with my university and I've noticed that sometimes the pictures become really distorted, or the degrees symbol looks like an 'o'. The powerpoint documents are all.ppt format. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Dec 08, 2020 Students, teachers, and business professionals use Notability daily to enrich their lives. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at school, home, and work. STREAMLINE YOUR WORKFLOW. Become fully paper-free, in the classroom, office, and at home. Complete, sign, and share documents in Notability. Notability allows you to set three customized fonts. To set, select the typing option at the top of the screen and then click and hold on one of the hearts. Select font, style, size and color. Tap outside of the pop up menu to close or just begin typing. Tap heart A, B, or C to select your customized font before you begin typing.

Notability is the reason I no longer take notes on paper for any class!

This app is reliable, organized, and user-friendly. I have used pictures from my personal Notability app to help explain:

>> You can Organize you notes by different “Subjects” and use “Dividers” as folders for your subjects.

Notability Powerpoint Themes

>>Use colors and even icons to organize your notes!

>>You never have to worry about the app crashing–all your notes can be automatically backed up to DROPBOX (Click here to see my post about Dropbox) or whatever service you choose.

>> The app automatically syncs after each edit.

>>I choose to have Notability save my notes as PDFs in Dropbox. Dropbox makes a folder for each of my “Subjects”. In each folder are my notes as PDFs.

>> I save Professor’s PowerPoint slides that they post online into my Dropbox. Then I import the PowerPoint into this app as “Chapter 1 PowerPoint Notes” for example.

>>You can Type or Draw anywhere on the PowerPoint!

>> You can also add pages in-between ppt slides

>> I use a stylus to write on my notes. You can change the color, pen thickness, highlight text or words you wrote–anything!!

>>You can also type text on the same document!

>> You can export notes right from your iPad as well! I use this feature all the time when I have to email out a meeting’s minutes!


>> You can change the “look” of your Notability app to be more subtile and professional or to be more colorful!

This app keeps everything is in one place–no more carrying around heavy notebooks! You always have all your class notes for every subject, right at hand. Notability can also be used on your iPhone and of course you can always pull up the PDFs of your notes in Dropbox.

Notability Not Loading Powerpoint

This app is so convenient and completely worth trying if you are interested in going “paperless”. I was nervous about doing this because I think physically writing notes helps me remember information better. But with this app–you are still doing that!! That is what I love about it!

How To Put A Powerpoint In Notability

Let me know if you try this app! I would love to hear if you love Notability too!

**All opinions stated in this post are my own and I am not being paid or asked to endorse Dropbox products.

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