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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

oCode Journal tries to steer you towards a platform that’s best for you so that you can easily create a website. Website builders are a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses to start a website without hiring a developer. Most website builders offer a drag and drop user interface to build your website while some have templates for you to customize. In this article, we are introducing Pory.io, a tool that lets users create sites and web applications using Airtable or other NoCode tools.

How to create and embed a Airtable form on your website to start collecting and automating data through Airtable. Is a no-code tool for creating websites using Airtable as a database. Using our collection of templates, you can create sites like marketplaces, social networks, lists and more. Pory is a tool in the No Code Platforms category of a tech stack.


Founder and Founding Story

The passionate founders of Pory.io are Samantha Wong and Luannie Dang, they are Software Engineers in Melbourne, Australia. Sam and Luannie became inspired after working with a startup who built their entire MVP using Airtable and eventually raised $1.5 million. They were amazed and thought that this could help non-technical people to validate and build their startups using NoCode solutions. Pory.io is great for marketers looking to share lists to build audiences or for makers looking to quickly validate ideas.

The founders worked on NoCode creating templates to enable users to create the same experience like the NoCode tools Airtable, Google Sheets or Notion as your CMS and last April, they were able to launch Pory.io. Sam, in the interview shared that they aren’t sure of the outcome but after the launch people started to reach out and ask for the details of the tool. Sam and Luannie were surprised with the initial results because they have over 1, 000 users and 600 sites generated in a month.

Pory Air Tables

Launch and Features

Airtable as your database, users can choose templates and customize it then connect your favourite apps together. Users can create websites such as marketplaces, social networks, lists and more using Pory.io. The initial launch includes templates from some popular websites like Product Hunt for creating discovery sites, Indeed for creating job boards, Fiverr for offering services, Instagram for sharing images, Meetup for sharing events, and LinkedIn for networking are available now.


Pory Air Table Tennis

As of now, Pory.io is free for users who signed up during their beta period.

For startups looking to use custom domains and marketing integrations, it costs $9 and it includes unlimited sites, branding removed, users can customize the domain, and new integrations.

For custom, Pory.io has passionate engineers with extensive experience building apps for both startups and corporates.

Looking for more? Pory.io will launch more features and improvements next month. The founders are listing down your requests such as more integration, payment and automation that they might release in the future. Currently, this tool has lacking points to improve but the founders are still exploring how can they can help more users on content and marketing for their products. For now, it has 6 templates to choose from and it’s for job websites and sharing contents.

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Pory Airtable
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