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In fact, the client can reboot the remote computer and then log back in once it's fully powered back on, all from Chrome Remote Desktop. While it's too bad that there isn't a chat function built-in, you can always use a third-party tool to communicate while you're connected to the other computer. I agree to the pricing terms, as well as the terms of the RemotePC service and acknowledge that I can receive emails on product updates from RemotePC. Accept terms and conditions to proceed. Sign up today and get 25% off on your first year or get 50% off on your first year for a 2 year plan.

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Remote Connection troubleshooting:


RemoteToPC is remote desktop connection software for everyone! First, you must be a customer or signed up for a free remote access trial to access your PC or Mac through RemoteToPC

1 Follow Getting Started Instructions

If you are having problems connecting to the RemoteToPC HOST from your JOIN client make sure you have first read and are following the installation instructions in the Getting Started section.



Make sure the system is showing as online (has the green “online” indicator and not the gray indicator), and that both systems are able to get to the internet. If you wish to stop the host computer going to sleep, you should modify the sleep settings on that computer to never go to sleep.


The RemoteToPC HOST side software will not allow a computer to connect to it, unless it has a password setup. Make sure you have setup a password by right clicking on the RemoteToPC icon by the clock on the host computer, and check to be sure you typed it correctly. Do not put spaces in your password, and try removing special characters.


The remote connection should not take more than 20 seconds to happen. If it takes longer than 20 seconds to login to the remote PC, cancel that connection attempt, and immediately try a second attempt.


In the Command Center there is an option that will remotely restart the RemoteToPC service on the host computer you are having trouble connecting to. Do to so, click on the picture of the wrench on the far right of the row and select the “Restart Remote Access” button in the tool menu. Then, try to connect again.


If you are having problems connecting, we have found that Malwarebytes Anti-exploit causes the join client not to work. Make sure to disable or safelist antiviruses, or anti-malware applications.


If you are having problems connecting, you may need to add an exception in your local computers firewall application. RemoteToPC traverses most firewalls, but some firewall software actively stops activity for applications automatically because it has been configured to. Also, for network administrators that block all outbound firewall traffic, you’ll need to open outbound TCP ports for the host and join side computers: 5222, and 3478, as well as outbound UDP ports 3478. Monitoring (including remote commands such as restart remote access) uses outbound TCP port 5672 and 5671.

Try our connection test tool to see if anything on the system or network is blocking RemoteToPC: Connection Test


If all else fails, try restarting your host, and join computers. If they still will not connect, try uninstalling, and reinstalling the host and join software on them. Make sure you follow the procedures to uninstall the host software on your computer before reinstalling.


If you are still having problems, contact us either online, by phone or through email.

We can use net share command to create, configure and delete network shares from command line . Below you can find syntax and examples for net share command.

Create a network share from command line

Remotepc Add Computer To Pc


The syntax for creating a share is as follows.

For example to share the folder E:Docs with everyone in the domain and to give full permissions

If you are allowing multiple users to access the share, you can limit the number of users accessing the share simultaneously. This will prevent performance impact on your system. The below command will set the limit to 10 users.

Command to share with a specific user and to grant only read rights:

Delete network share(i.e to disable sharing of the folder) from command line

Add Computer To Network

For example, to delete the share created above, the command would be as below.

Alternatively, we can use the folder physical location also to disable sharing

List the shared created on the local computer

Remote Pc Add A Computer

Delete the share on a remote computer