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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

I’ve long been interested in taking written notes during meetings and turning them into shareable electronic artifacts. Ever since I was a student, I have had to attend meetings or classes and needed a better way to take notes. In grad school, I had an HP tablet (it is still in a closet somewhere), one of the first generations with a removable keyboard and a stylus pen attached to the screen with a string. I enjoyed using that in college for electronic notes.

As an educator later in life I was always looking for the next best note taking / organizing tool out there and came across a product called LiveScribe which I LOVED and eventually played a roll in selling and training on those products to school districts here in Florida.

The Everlast Mini is my newest attempt and I'm very happy with it! Initially, I was looking for what is apparently the older version – the one you throw into the microwave, but it sounded like the Everlast model is the newest approach Rocketbook is going with. Before this, I've used Notability, Livescribe, and of course pencil/pen & paper.

Notability Notability is an intuitive, robust, simple yet an outstanding PDF annotation and note-taking. The Rocketbook Smart Notebook instantly connects and stores your notes, doodles and lists in the cloud with the free smart notebook app.

Once the iPad came out, I pretty much gave up on pen inputs, even though my typing wasn’t all that fast, and now that I have the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, I have landed with Notability as my note taker of choice and I haven’t looked back.

So, out of the blue, my company decided to send out a little thank you gift and this year it was the RocketBook. The short version of the review is, it’s a fun thing to play with, but I don’t know that I have found any real unique use for the product that I couldn’t do with any piece of paper and a smartphone.

So, basically, the product is a notebook of special glossy paper and an erasable pen, so you can write on the pages, then erase the pages with the included microfibre cloth and a little spritz of water, good way to not create more paper waste for sure.

The nifty part comes in when you use the RocketBook app to snap a picture of the page which can then be sent to several cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, e-mail, Slack, etc. Each page has a set of 7 symbols at the bottom that allow you to check the symbol to initiate a sort of macro that automatically sends that page to the defined service when you scan it with the app.

There is an array of dots on each page that assist the app in scanning and position the paper (similar to the Livescribe products too).

What I find lacking a bit is the “post-scanning” use. Pages get sent to cloud services, and from there you have to rely on the cloud service for organizing the pages. For example, sending to Google Drive creates a PDF with a date stamp name. Google can open that into Docs and attempt OCR, but then you loose any drawings.


So, while it’s a nifty little product, and will definitely save paper, I haven’t yet found any great use for it in business or my personal life.

One last funny thing – there is a note on the inside front cover that says “Do not microwave this notebook”. Now, while I thought maybe they were just being funny like some tech companies do (MailChimp comes to mind), this company actually has another product that is apparently a notebook you DO microwave to erase the pages. It seems their primary focus is on reducing paper consumption, and that is an admirable thing in and of itself. Now, if they can create a sticky note that I can write on and then it just sends itself to my computer without having to be scanned, that would be a life changer for me.

Happy Holidays all!

The use of a note taking device is a reasonable alternative to a peer classroom Note Taker. There are several assistive technology note-taking devices, apps and software that can be provided to SARC students at no cost! You are encouraged to review the options below and contact us if you need further information or usage instructions.

The SARC and the WKU Technology Resource Center (TRC) has a limited number of assistive technology devices that can be checked out as a loan to registered students.

Individuals who have a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, are connected with Veterans Affairs, or other similar programs may be eligible to request assistance with purchasing note-taking technology for classroom use.

Student can find additional products on the SARC's assistive technology page.If you become familiar with assisitve technology devices that you find helpful, let us know so that we can share those resources with your peers. If you need further assistance with note-taking services, please contact us at 270-745-5004 or email us at [email protected]

Note-Taking Programs

Sonocent Audio Notetaker Software

Rocketbook Notability
  • An informational video about Sonocent is available at in New Window.
  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker software is available to student with a note-taking accommodation through the SARC at no cost. The software license and download instructions will be sent to you by submitting a request Open in New Window
  • A tutorial video about the Sonocent recorder app is available at in New Window
  • Testimonial video of students across the nation who have used Sonocent in new window
  • Additional Links:

Study tips using Sonocent NotetakerOpen in New Window

Product page for Sonocent Audio NotetakerOpen in New Window

Sonocent recorder app in the Apple StoreOpen in New Window

Sonocent recorder app in the Google Play StoreOpen in New Window


  • Otter by AISense “creates smart voice notes that combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and key phrases. It helps business people, journalists, and students to be more focused, collaborative, and efficient in meetings, interviews, lectures, and wherever important conversations happen.”
  • This is a subscription-based service that SARC can provide, there is a free option available to anyone. Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.Product page for OtterOpen in New Window.
  • SARC students can have the premium version for free by creating a profile using their topper email and sending us a requestopen in new window.
  • Otter Ai Sense recommends using the PCMag article as a user tutorial: in New Window.
  • Tech Support and Frequently Asked Questions can be found at in New Window.

Scanner Apps

Click the product name to go to the product page.

Adobe ScanOpen in New Window(iOS and Android) (free)

Microsoft Office LensOpen in New Window(Android, iOS, Windows) (free)

Evernote ScannableOpen in New Window(iOS) (free)

CamScannerOpen in New Window(iOS and Android) (free, in-app fees)

Genius ScanOpen in New Window(iOS and Android) (free, in-app fees)

Tiny ScannerOpen in New Window(iOS and Android) (free, in-app fees)


  • Evernote lets you capture and organize notes, projects, and to-do lists, with features such as a web clipper, templates, note syncing, the ability to search handwritten notes, the ability to convert handwriting into text, a document scanner, and the ability to organize notes to your liking.
  • Evernote has marketing videos about how Evernote can help you in college, which includes an introductionOpen in New Window, one about notetakingOpen in New Window, one about studyingOpen in New Window, and one about researchingOpen in New Window. Additional videos can be found on their YouTube channel at in New Window.
  • Product page for EvernoteOpen in New Window. Look for a student discount on premium subscriptions.
  • Support can be found at in New Window.

AudioNote 2

  • AudioNote 2 allows you to type notes, write notes, record audio while taking notes, organize notes, pick the paper and pen, annotate PDF PowerPoints, and more.
  • Product page for AudioNote2Open in New Window. Available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

Does Rocketbook Work With Notability

  • Support can be found at in New Window.


  • Notability allows you to type notes, write notes with a finger or stylus, record while taking notes, sort notes, search handwritten notes, convert handwriting into text, pick the paper and pen used, annotate PDFs and PowerPoints, and insert web, video, images, media, clip art, etc.
  • Product page for NotabilityOpen in New Window.Available for purchase in the iOS and Mac App Stores.
  • A tutorial is available at in New Window. A product review (and tutorial) of GoodNotes and Notability is available at in New Window.
  • Support can be found at in New Window.


  • GoodNotes allows you to type notes, write notes with a finger or stylus, sort notes, search handwritten notes, convert handwriting into text, pick the paper and pen used, annotate PDFs and PowerPoints,and insertweb content,video, images, media, clip art, etc.
  • Product page for GoodNotesOpen in New Window.Available for purchase in the iOS and Mac App Stores.
  • A product review of GoodNotes and Notability is available at in New Window. This person prefers GoodNotes but listen to the features of each before making your decision!
  • Support for GoodNotes can be found at in New Window.

Squid Notes

  • Squid Notes allows you to type notes, write notes with a finger or stylus, pick the paper and pen used, annotate PDFs and PowerPoints, annotate images, insert clipart, etc.
  • Product page for Squid NotesOpen in New Window.Some of these features may require an in-app purchase. Available in the Google Play Store.
  • Tutorial videos for Squid, formerly called “Papyrus,” can be found at in New Window.
  • Support can be found at in New Window.

MetaMoJi Note

  • MetaMoJi Lite allows you to type notes, write notes with a finger or stylus, pick the paper and pen used, annotate PDFs, annotate Website screenshots, insert clipart, etc. MetaMoJi’s full program also allows you access to other features, most important of which would be the voice recording feature.
  • Product page for MetaMoji Note and MetaMoJi Note LiteOpen in New Window.MetaMoJi Note can be purchased, but there is a free version, MetaMoJi Note Lite. Available in the App Store for iOS, Google Play Store, Windows Store, and on Amazon.

Rocketbook Notability Integration

  • Support can be found at in New Window.

Note-Taking Devices

  • A smartpen is a computer in a pen with advanced processing power and substantial memory for handwriting capture, audio recording, and additional applications.Pricing varies for smartpens and accessories
  • Livescribe’s websiteOpen in New Window.
  • Echo Pen
  • Support can be found in New Window.
  • Rocketbook allows you to write notes and create designs in your notebook with a pen. Then, using patent-pending image capture technology, the Rocketbook app accurately and quickly captures and sends your notes to pre-configured cloud services.
  • Rocketbook’s websiteOpen in New Window. Pricing varies for Rocketbooks and accessories.
  • Support can be found at in New Window.

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