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  3. Sequence Diagram Plantuml
  4. Plantuml Sequence Diagram Conditional
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Step 3: Add Messages & Repeat

  1. Go to Messages Tab
  2. Click + New Message Button
  3. Once Add New Message Popup opened, Enter Message Display Label, From Participant and To Participant in the Forward Message Details Section
  4. If Need, Click the Add Return Message Checkbox, then Return Message Details Section Appears
  5. In the Return Message Details Section, Enter the Message Display Label as the From and ToParticipants will be Reverse of the Forward Message
  6. In Both Forward and Return Message Sections, Select the Appropriate Message Type for Each
  7. Below are the Message Types available in UMLTree application
    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
  8. If All the Messages between Forward and Return Messages need to be Grouped Together, Add the Group Display Label in the Forward Message Section
  9. Once All the Required Details are Entered, Click Confirm Add Message Button
  10. All the New Messages will be Added to the Sequence Diagram and will be Displayed in the Table in the Messages Tab
  11. Perform Edit, Remove and Re-Order Actions on any Message in the Table Using Respective Buttons
  12. Repeat the Above Steps to Add More Messages, if Need

Lets take an example of sequence diagram for an ATM machine.Let's say here you want. IF card inserted is valid then prompt 'Enter Pin'.ELSE prompt 'Invalid Pin' Then here is the sequence diagram for the same. Hope this helps! PlantUML in a nutshell. PlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write: Sequence diagram; Usecase diagram; Class diagram; Object diagram; Activity diagram (here is the legacy syntax) Component diagram; Deployment diagram; State diagram; Timing diagram; The following non-UML diagrams are also supported: JSON data; YAML data; Network diagram (nwdiag).

SequenceDiagram for IntelliJ IDEA


with this plugin, you can

  • generate Simple Sequence Diagram.
  • Navigate the code by click the diagram shape.
  • Delete Class from diagram.
  • Export the diagram as image.
  • Export the diagram as PlantUML file.
  • Exclude classes from diagram by Settings > Tools > Sequence Diagram
  • Smart Interface(experimental)
  • Lambda Expression(experimental)

Experimental features

The experimental features are created by myself, which is not part of UML standard. Use this feature in your own risk.

Plantuml Sequence Diagram Conditional


Smart Interface


Find the implementation of the interface smartly. e.g.

Apple implemented the Fruit interface. When we generate sequence diagram for the eatFruit method:

I draw dummy implementation call in dash line.

For the interface or abstract class, if there is only one implementation found, it will draw in diagram automatically. More than one implementations, you need to choose one to draw. this is an option in settings.

Lambda Expression

No standard for the lambda expression in the sequence diagram yet. So I create mine. e.g.

And I need draw the sequence diagram for hello method:

Sequence Diagram Plantuml

I draw a dummy λ→ self call in diagram.

How to use

SequenceDiagram ONLY generate sequence diagram for the CURRENT method of JAVA file in the editor.

When installed, where to find it?

  1. Open a JAVA file in editor.
  2. Navigate to one Method, which you want to generate sequence diagram. Place the caret inside Method name, (See the screenshot bellow)
  3. From the Tools > Sequence Diagram... menu.

Place the caret inside the method name, trigger it from Tools menu or context menu > Sequence Diagram...

Version History

Current Verison 2.0


Plantuml Sequence Diagram If Else


Sequence Diagram Plantuml

Name history

Plantuml Sequence Diagram Conditional

Why change name?

Plantuml Activity Diagram

Since 2011, I found a solution of NPE of original SequencePlugin, so I write email to Kentaur with my solution,He said he was not coding any more. Instead, he send me the code. I fix the NPE issue and publish to pluginrepository with new name SequencePluginReload.

Parallel Sequence Diagram Plantuml

But in 2015, the IntelliJ change the login system, and I lost my account, cannot continue publish new version tothe repository.

In 2016, I change the Name again to SequenceDiagram and host the source code on github.Now it open source.

Plantuml Examples

Thanks Kentaur for the great work on the original source.