System Sequence Diagram Example

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  • ATM System Sequence Diagram This is a simple sequence diagram example for ATM. This illustrates the process flow of an ATM system. You can use this sequence diagram template of ATM to.
  • Specifically, a System Sequence Diagram (SSD) is a sequence diagram often used to show the interactions between the external actors and the system under design (SuD), usually for visualizing a particular scenario of a use case. Use case analysis usually starts by drawing use case diagrams.
  • In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you how to make a UML sequence diagram using Lucidchart. Sequence diagrams are a type of Unified Modeling Language.
  • A sequence diagram is made up of a collection of participants Participants the system parts that interact each other during the sequence Classes or Objects each class (object) in the interaction is represented by its.
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  2. System Sequence Diagram Example
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Thanks also to the js-sequence-diagram project for usage of the grammar for the sequence diagrams. Thanks to Jessica Peter for inspiration and starting point for gantt rendering. Mermaid was created by Knut Sveidqvist for easier documentation.

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A UML sequence diagram example for a login module. It shows how a user login is handled by an authentication system.

UML Sequence Diagram for User Login Module

The UML sequence diagram shows these lifelines:

System Sequence Diagram Example

System Sequence Diagram Examples

  • User
  • Login Page
  • Authentication Module

It models the following actions:

  • Enter a user name
  • Enter a password
  • Click on the Login button
  • Send user login info
  • Validate user password
  • User login accepted
  • Redirect to the target page
  • User login rejected
  • Clear the password box and inform the user about an unaccepted user-password combination

UML Sequence Diagram Concepts

The example diagram shows an actor lifeline and two standard lifelines, call messages, two self messages, reply messages, and an alt fragment with two regions for two alternative options.

UML Sequence Diagram Example Preview

System Sequence Diagram Example

Download Sequence Diagram for Login Module

System Sequence Diagram Maker

Login (UML Sequence Diagram)