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Posted : admin On 1/24/2022

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number devices use to communicate and identify with each other through the internet network, similar to a mailing address. Data and information passes through from one device to another after identifying the IP address' of both sender and receiver. To find your IP address and location, simply use our IP lookup tool at the top of this web page. You’ll see your IPv4 address, IPv6 address, ISP, and your physical location. You can use this to learn your real IP address or to check that your VPN is working. Is a real IP, it is a real IP; responds to ping. Something is listening on port 80, but is not returning any reseponse. Shared IP, or dedicated IP? You could tell if the web server were responding.

My IP is localized, various information, such as the hostname, IP address, service provider, and DNS are displayed. But what do they mean? You will find some answers to these questions in the text below.

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Your IP address shows your location, device from which you're connected, and your online activities like the sites you visit. IP addresses are important because they ensure that you send and receive internet data accurately. In the same way that you wouldn't publicise your home address, it's important to protect your IP address.

IP address for Internet Protocol address

What Is My Real Ip AddressWhat is my ipAddress

The number in the largest blue block at the top of the page, labeled 'my IP', corresponds to your public IP. In most cases, this public IP is your router's internet address. This is the number you give when asked for your IP address.

This IP address should not be confused with your 'local' IP address. Indeed, if you are behind a router (which is probably the case), it also assigns an IP to identify your computer or terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) via its integrated DHCP server. This IP is your address on your LAN (Local Area Network). You can obtain your local IP address by going to the 'my local IP' section.

IP means Internet Protocol, so this identification number is assigned to a terminal on an IT network using the internet protocol. This IP enables the device to identify itself and communicate with other terminals connected under the same protocol.

There are 2 types of IP addresses: 32-bit encrypted version 4 and 128-bit encrypted version 6. IPV4 are currently reaching their limits in terms of availability. In theory, there are 2 32, or 4,294,967,296 V4 IP addresses available. There are not as many in practice, as some are reserved. Although this figure may seem relatively large, there are hardly any more V4 IP addresses available today. IP V6 is, therefore, gradually starting to replace this protocol, making the number of potential addresses almost inexhaustible.

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Service provider

A service provider is the company that manages your internet connection, giving you access to the worldwide web. Several technologies are available, so you may have an ADSL, coaxial cable, or fiber-optic connection.

DNS or Domain Name Server.

Your DNS, automatically provided by your service provider, is identified by an IP address. This server translates domain names into IP addresses, acting like a sort of switching system. Without this server you would not be able to display any websites in your browser. For example, when you type google.fr in your browser, your computer queries the DNS server, which replies that google.fr is located on the server with the IP address XX.XX.XX.XX. The connection is established and the page you want is displayed in your browser.

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Find my ip address

The hostname is the full name associated with your IP address on the internet. It is unique and identifies your specific IP address. It consists of a subdomain associated with the domain of your internet service provider.

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What is My Ip Finder?

My ip finder is a service that allows you to find all the information about your IP address mentioned above.